Codex Gigas, chinese lanterns and magic dragons !

It is amazing to see time fly – and at the same time frustrating time seems to fly past so quickly. Wednesday always wields a day off for myself and updates all over.

Chinese lanterns yes were still on for lantern launch day! – still gotta get those lanterns first though. I was given information that they were a couple of quid each seemingly they are a £5 each and were planning to launch at least 8 so £40 there, at the moment were trying to get a house sorted, buying furniture and dealing with the aspects of a recession (thank you Federal Reserve and Bank of England) cash is a bit strapped, but shouldn’t be a delay in the date hopefully.

Been looking into the Codex Gigas…

The Codex Gigas, have you heard of it?

A manuscript that like no other, and otherwise known as the Devils Bible because it contains a large and incredibly bizarre illustration of the fallen angel Satan.

It is the largest medieval manuscript still in existence, made from over 160 human and animal skins and at almost a meter long, it takes two people just to lift it.

Written in Latin around 1210 AD, the Codex Gigas has brought disaster and pain to all who have possessed it and many others around them, including plague, mental illness, fire and destruction, the story of it’s life is filled with mystery and evil.

The manuscript originally had 320 pages, of which, 7 pages have since been removed with no trace, supposedly highly secretive or possibly and more obviously because they contain the monastic rules of the Benedictine monks.

Legend has it; that it was completed in just one single night, by an individual monk, condemned to inclusion (to be bricked up alive) for his sins, and aided by selling his soul to the Devil; to help guide his hand and perform this impossible task, he bargained the manuscript against his punishment.

Experts have determined that at a writing speed of 20 seconds per line, and many hours of illustration it would have taken close to 30 years to have created the text with a single scribe.

Researchers have apparently confirmed that the manuscript WAS penned by a single scribe, possibly a monk by the name of Herman the recluse, and that it was created over a much longer period than the legend describes, yet still can not explain how the extensive 12 point calligraphy shows such uniformity and absolutely no signs of tiredness, illness or aging as would be inevitable from its creator.

The researchers believe that the word used for the monks punishment ‘inclusion’ has been misinterpreted, and actually; that the correct translation is the word ‘recluse’, which is where they believe they have found the scribes name.

It seems a little strange to me that from the time the scripture was written and followed, in a time where Latin was dominantly used, it would have been incorrectly read, and only now, almost 800 years later someone believes they can read it correctly.

The Codex Gigas holds the entire Vulgate version of the bible along with Isidore of seville’s encyclopedia Etymologiae, Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews, Cosmas of Prague’s Chronicle of Bohemia, chapters of history, etymology and physiology, a calendar with necrologium, a list of brothers from the Podlažice monastery and details of magic formulae, spells, medicine and other local records.

Apparently, apart from that one single word ‘inclusion’ the entire text is completely perfect and error free.

And depending on which word you choose to use, the entire text of 320 pages has a thoroughly different meaning.

held within the bindings of a single book approaching the subjects of historic fact, magic and religion all together, and all in line.

And to actually see this aged historic record (although just from Hi-Res photographs) and contemplate its meaning and the secrets and stories it tells, sends a chill down the spine. I wonder what intrigue the missing pages hold?

Wikipedia explanation

Official Codex Gigas website

Browse the complete Codex Gigas – super hi res images 

I hope you take a little time to look at the links I have posted, even just to look at the pictures, It is a truly wondrous book and an extremely mysterious story, and it has attracted many thousands of people to witness it.

I am not religious in any sense of the word, but this book, I presume, holds a degree of that knowledge which is no longer readily available to those who do not search for it, and it would be interesting to scan through a translation, if anyone can find one?

credit for wording and information goes "S_G" user on, who first brought this to my attention.

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Magic dragons… well no it was a blind. its a well known fact people only look at what they think will fascinate them. Unicorn, dragons etc.


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