Night of the Alien Snowman… plus tons of updates!

DSCF6736 DSCF6713

 DSCF6706 DSCF6745DSCF6730

Who says NPN dont have a sense of humour, My sister, Sylvia and I set about building a snowman. He turned out a little on the thin side so the Grey angle was perfect! and he came bearing messages! "The one world government, resist and deny ignorance!", others were "Central Banks are the cause" and the classic Star Trekking line "We come in peace and shoot to kill"

Anyway back to NPN business – Sunday is the big experiment! 15th February. The UFO experiment! For months and even years, Chinese lanterns are the debunk of Orange Ball UFOs seen the world over. NPN are going to test this, launching Orange Ball Lanterns into the sky, for photograph and video recording. From numerous positions and there is the double bind on the public  – I have a pre-made press release and this will be forwarded by email to Evening post and hucknall dispatch on Friday 2 days ahead of the launch. And a request not to publish details. Then the reports may pour in to the press and radio – describing UFOs..hmm Lets see what happens.


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