Beyond The Line 3 –

For some reason, we’ve been talking about Beyond The Line issue 3 and although you can download it from the website and encourage to browse what we are all about, we understand that many just want to read blogs instead of trawling sites. So we’ve brought it here and with full information pictures and details

Paranormal Network presents                                               


To download just right click the front cover and "save as/save linked content as".


Paranormal Network presents Beyond the line issue 3

Beyond The Line is a paranormal themed digitally available magazine that is available free! Building on the success, comments and feedback of its predecessors. Beyond The Line 3 raises the bar. In quality, depth, style, clarity and information.

4 in depths features:

Shadow People, Enter the realm of the shadow people, the entities known to cause fear, both intelligent and cunning. We look into the darkness with "Shadow People"

Continuing the "Hauntings" series of articles looking at the fringes of fringe subjects our stop this issue takes you into the rabbit hole looking at Hauntings and spectres of Inanimate objects!

Divination, looking into the art, history, types of divination, and how it works…or rather doesn’t

Look in the eyes and mind of renowned Transfiguration Medium Wayne Goundry, with a look at his online journal "Faces of time". 

This months regular articles:

Did you know? Takes us on the trail and truth of The 256 yr old man! Li Chung yun.

Paranormal Debate –  Dowsing. We look at both sides of the argument.

Recommended Media – a sneek peak preview of the 3 paranormal movies on at the big screen at the moment.

Plus even more….! No really there is so much more! 40 pages! almost double that of previous issues!

It is available now at and available here by right clicking on the front cover and “save as/save linked content” It is in an PDF document format. give us feedback!

Written, produced, edited and published the Paranormal Network.


A few of the comments and recommendations so far:

"Medium to the stars" TV and radio personality, Phillip Solomon: One of the best magazines of it’s kind I know – a great read and I fully recommend it to everyone.

Publishing transfiguration medium Wayne Goundry: WOW, I am lost for words Kristian, what a fantasic job you have done and many thanks on my article. The mag is the best I have seen, it must of took you hours. Well done mate you must very very proud of your work, ten out of ten. Thank you

Author Lisa Cambridge: A truly great magazine. Be proud of your accomplishment!

Medium and artist Paula Newbold: A great edition, well done.

Mr Ward: Truly inspiring work! You all have put in to produce such as high quality magazine. Definitely going to send a donation to your organization purely on this work. Can’t wait to see what you have in store next.


Paranormal Network and the Nottinghamshire Paranormal Network has been featured, contacted, mentioned and supported by BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Nottingham, SCI FI Channel, Radio Moja (Canada), Century FM, Radio Hucknall, Nottingham Evening Post, Hucknall Dispatch, Mansfield Chad, Nottingham Journal…amongst many others.


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