Articles we’ve published so far

Paranormal Network – publish articles on a frequent basis upon the Feature Hub of the Paranormal Network website. Frequency of monthly as well as the features/articles contained with Beyond The Line… You guys are just spoiled aren’t you. We genuinely believe these information is for everyone.

Have a look at the Feature Hub today, as here is a sample of what you can read.

Michael and the pagans – the irony. By Kristian Lander

Zeitgeist a revelations – By Peter Joesph – and Kristian Lander

Clifton Hall – The occult and haunted history – By Kristian Lander

The Hum – By Kristian Lander

Miracles – By Alan Smith

Who is J.G.H. Brown? – By Kristian Lander

Introduction to cryptoozoology – By Sylvia Wix

Hauntings part 1 – By Kristian Lander
Hauntings by the living

Hauntings part 2 – By Kristian Lander
Intelligent Hauntings

Spiritual development – By Alan Smith

Fairies – truths from beyond the hedgerow – By Sylvia Wix

Angel Hair Phenomenon – By Kristian Lander

Please come and read, share your thoughts here as well as Facebook, Live Space, Twitter and Myspace


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