DRI Event

Derby Royal Infirmary – to be honest. I did not know what to except from the evening. I joined the Sacred Heartlands group with Alan Smith, along with a number of others great to see Drew and Rachel formerly of Ghosts of Nottingham and S.P.I.R.I.T. teams and some familiar faces. Our team consisted of 7. Derby Paranormal Hunters the organizers of the event – entitled it "Big team event at DRI" from my count there was 8 teams, each had a table to group at. Each team in turn would be taken to an area of the abandoned hospital and left to our own devices in said area. "Do what you will in your teams way, just dont video, touch or break anything."  Starting at bout 8, our team was taken to ward "xx" and "xx"  

(Due to restrictions requested by DPH and the NHS, we cannot disclose which areas we were in, video footage or photography that indicated said area. As well as names, events and circumstances of people that our mediums may pick up on. We shall entitle each as area 1, area 2, and so forth


Area 1 was a double ward, a square of connecting corridors and rooms. An alarm panel lit up as we entered the area – we assume for oxygen purposes as the alarm readout "low oxygen" on a flashing button. the alarm panel obviously was very loud and echoed throughout the initial corridor. Myself and Rachel headed through some heavy doors exploring our environment, pushing into open rooms looking behind doors. We started taking temp readings to establish a baseline or each area, but proved futile as the evening was very cold anyway averaging 4-7 degrees as – temp fluctuations were the order of the night throughout. Numerous cold "columns" appeared to be moving. Members of the team felt we were being followed as we came away from the others. Rachel and I were walking down a corridor – when a sudden squeak came from just behind us, what sounded like a trainer on the floor. we tested our shoes on the floor and could recreate the sound.

A room entitled specialist consultant of which there were a number of on said floor, i went to try the door and it was definitely locked and i tried the next room. Drew tried said door and it opened! The team followed in – i carry a device which measures barometic pressure digitally. The pressure was a steady 989 then in this room it dropped to 650! Drew choose to spend a few minutes inside alone inside!

Many of the “sensitives” in our group felt that the squeaking was due to a “trolley woman” who had been working on the ward.


A highly active area, with physical phenomenon occurring taps, raps and bangs in reply to our word. We formed a circle under the working area of the main room, around the ceiling in a square were metal “sheets” with holes in, for medical equipment attachment. We gained information from information from 2 spirits who made themselves known to the circle using the code of 1 for no and 2 for yes. There was a green panel light which lit the room quite eeriely in the dark. Alan felt the need for a earthbound spirit rescue which we were conducting when the DPH came to collect the team.

Short break and biccys – about 2 minutes – didnt have much chance to go over data and log.


Was a strange place an feeling of expectation in the air, a rumbling in equipment possibly water/heating made this echoy area prone to sound vibrations. A room Drew found had a little girl of the spiritual kind who wanted to play, we arranged some items to do so. I spent most of time on this area observing. Names and information were flowing through the mediums.

the blog continues….


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