PIGE to St James Church 23-5-10, Bullet Points, thought and conclusions

Paranormal Information Gathering Exercise
Location: St James Church, Papplewick and surrounding area.
Date: 23/05/10

Reasoning and Reported phenomenon:
Historic location a church built on same location 3 times, within church grounds are the private cemetery for the Montague and Charworth aristocratic families. Local legends have hinted at occult practises at the location including that of “dark art” worship. Surrounding area is home to a field which is the location of a 163 unmarked child mass graves from the Papplewick Pumping station and Castle Mill.
This same said area was also home to a confrontation between Roundheads and Cavalier soldiers. Same location has had a report of “Phantom scenery” of a battle and men on horses.

Local legends of this area also include the Last reported sighting of “Spring Heeled Jack”, Lord Byron and Sophia Hyatt used the Quarry Lane road to visit Hucknall. Their “spirits” are known to have be seen and felt. A drunken “spirit” man which a medium picked up upon along this location road, was later confirmed by local records. Church road frequented by miners, whose whistling and chattering is often heard.
NPNs own photographs and experiences of said locations have been active and fascinating.

Team Present: Kristian Lander, Sylvia Wix, Sion-Marc Simpson, Mark Birch and Neave.
Weather: perfectly clear, not a cloud in sight. Sunny.

Bullet Points:
Visited Judgement Cross; Southern Cross; Quarry Lane; Robin Hood way;

1. Crossing into the field of the battle/phantom scenery, an audible sound of a crack sounded like a lock type musket gun. Heard by Sion-Marc and Kristian.
2. Found strangely place “grass” sample complete with mud root hanging upside down on the bush wall. Grass type was not that of the plant types nearby. Found 3 further ones on the ground on the way towards the end of the field, complete with roots.
3. Upon entering the field of the alleged 163 children leading to the church grounds. Curious phenomenon; 4 compasses, 3 digital 1 analogue could not confirm direction of North. All changing erratically. With use of an EMF meter for environment measurements, could not detect any level of EM radiation. Location has no power/phone lines.
4. Within Church grounds. Sylvia heard audible growl in the church archway.
5. Curious “heat” column which Mark found, Kristian and Mark could pass hand through. Near to church building left side, from front entrance.
6. Kristian and Mark heard “radio tuning in style sound” behind the church, When asking out.
7. Heat column now gone.
8. Curious sensation of scattered “rain” like odd spots. No clouds, completely sunny. Photographs showed multiple coloured speckles, initially everywhere. Then through continued photography testing the flashes, and viewing results of flash tests. Coloured speckles no longer present.
9. Orbs then present on photographs, of varying density and illumination. Not until after coloured speckle phenomenon.
10. Orbs on photographs then ceased.
11. Kristian felt a cold touch of right shoulder
12. [Upon leaving crossing back across field of Battle/scenery] numerous photos showed orbs, light forms, mists. Did a smoke test earlier, did a breathe test to camera to use as comparison imagery.

Bullet points: Thoughts and considerations.
1. Cars are present on the road between Linby/Papplewick, for a bang sound as audible as it were it is possible it may have been a car backfiring, only the road is a 60mph road, and no lay bys or places to stop and therefore start between Linby and Papplewick. 2 people and a dog were present on the far side of the field that we noticed just before we moved through the “tunnel of trees” at the end. Possible the loud crack could have been caused by them, however they seemed to be only in t-shirt/shorts with a dog. How they could is undeterminable. Conclusion: Open verdict.

2. Grass complete with root on bush wall. Unknown as to why or how it got there upside down in a field where that sort of grass is not present. 2 further pieces of clump grass are present on dirt pathway, a 3rd is found without root. People walking may have carried from another location, and placed it upside on the bushwall. However unlikely. Conclusion: Open verdict.

3. Inability to locate magnetic/true North by 3 compasses. This phenomenon was videoed for documentation by Sion. Kristian handled 2 compasses and panned around directions were frequently saying S or E. Sions analogue compass could not locate either. No magnetic fields present, apart from mobile phones. Sylvia moved away from group with analogue compass and no mobile phone, same phenomenon continued. Thoughts: Interesting, more tests needed Conclusion:

4. Sylvia heard growl, she went back and sat quietly with Dictaphone at growl locale. Mark reviewing for sound anomalies. Conclusion: In progress.

5. Heat column. Possible due to the heat, that church building itself was radiating heat as stone was warm/hot, column however was 3 feet away from wall and an cool area was between wall and heat column. Ruling out possibility of heat generated by the stonework. Cause unknown. Thoughts: Interesting

6. Kristian and Mark, asking out behind Church yielded strange radio tuning in/walkie talkie style sound in response. On the rest of team joining at this area, we discovered this sound to be coming from a bird. Strange that a bird can mimic this sound none the less. Conclusion: Solved – Bird sound.

7. Heat Column now gone. Thoughts: Raising more than an eyebrow. Skeptical Mark, who found the heat column could not explain how this was being caused. Conclusion: Unknown quantity.

8. Rain spot sensation on bare skin, was felt by all present eventually. Cool rain like spots, no clouds present. Possible from trees near the back of the church, however phenomenon continued for all the time present at location until we passed over the alleged children field adjacent to church. Speckles appeared to be multicoloured in initial photographs, on closer inspection they are all white meaning light was reflecting back to the camera off specks/rain that were present. Conclusion: Possibility of rain droplets… but it wasn’t raining. Unknown quantity.

9. While taking different angle shots of the churchyard, talking with Sylvia and an ice cold touch to right shoulder. So cold make me shudder. Didn’t feel like a hand more like 2 fingers placed on outside trapeseus muscle Thoughts: we were open to suggestion could have been in the mind. But didn’t feel like in the mind Conclusion. Open Verdict.

Overall conclusion:

This area will need to be revisited, further comparison tests done to establish baseline data.
The heat column is unusual as its usually cold columns, to be theoretical bouncing off ideas off a conversation conducted earlier today 24/5/10 “perhaps as it was spirit of faith and therefore love, and give off and warm sense of presence and as it was in one place it could have been watching”
The rain and speckle phenomenon is a little baffling as to say it was rain, when it was the hottest day of the year so far with temp in the area 31 degrees on entering the church grounds – not a single cloud in the sky.
The inability to detect or gauge a compass direction was fascinating, to behold as 3 compasses literally were spinning around 2 digital. Frequently seeing every direction faced as south or east. Certainly needs further investigation and tests.
Mark is reviewing the Dictaphone recording today, so should have results for that within next day or so.

Kristian Lander.



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