Open discussion – Is recorded EVP proof of voices of those beyond?

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Attempting to use portable recording devices and modern digital technologies to communicate with spirits is popular amongst investigators and researchers looking to find evidence to support claims. It is where voices/sounds of “spirits” are recorded onto a device.

There is a variety of devices on the market available and have been claimed to have EVP responses. Digital dictaphones, walkie talkies, miniDVs to TVs at home.
In the past Thomas Edison was asked in an interview with Scientific American to comment on the possibility of using his inventions to communicate with spirits. He replied that if the spirits were only capable of subtle influences, a sensitive recording device would provide the ability to record such occurences.

In an investigation one of the practises is to ask out a question, and while having the recorder running there may be a responce – which is often unheard by those present until heard back. Then on playback voices and sounds not present are audiable.

One of our contacts from former group Ghosts of Nottingham Drew Taylor has an great recording taken in the Galleries of justice where the foot steps of those present are heard, he puts down the recorder in a room which has frequent reports of strange happenings, and the foot steps lead away as it a stone floor a min or so later there is certainly the cries of a woman are very audiable – 10 mins or so later the room is reentered to collect the recorder. No one was in the room.

There are tales of TV channels with faces and voices whilst the TV is on a fuzzy noise channel – is it proof of the afterlife? trapped spirits? ghosts trying to get a message to the recieptant?

“Ghostboxes” are quite popular too, a box that can be anything containing a recorder, a scanning radio, a device playing white noise and of course a microphone. Questions are asked out – it is alledged that spirits even extra terristrials will use words, sounds from across the stations being scanned on the sweeping scanning radio coupled with the white noise to create “answers” and even sentences.

In 1980, William O’Neil constructed an electronic audio device called “The Spiricom.” O’Neil claimed the device was built to specifications which he received psychically from George Mueller, a scientist who had died six years previously.[1][5] At a Washington, DC, press conference on April 6, 1982, O’Neil stated that he was able to hold two-way conversations with spirits through the Spiricom device, and provided the design specifications to researchers for free. However, nobody is known to have replicated O’Neil’s results using their own Spiricom devices

What are your thoughts on EVP?



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