Paranormal Network – Feature Article “Honest Psychics”

In my personal journey of the paranormal and seeking the truth behind the strange occurrences. For those who have read the Beyond The Line Issues will know the “Hauntings” articles which deal with subjects on the fringe of the fringe of paranormal topics to open up discussion. Such as inanimate hauntings, phantom hitchhikers, intelligent hauntings and residual hauntings.

One of the widely should we say “accepted” and well known paranormal abilities is that of mediumship, the ability to act as a vessel in which spirits of the dead and memories of the past that can be channelled through to deliver messages and information to others. Raising questions and creating discussions is what I like to do – I am going to push the boat out would like to talk about “Honest psychics” and am probably going to frustrate a number of people and indeed friends, just because even I’m bringing up up the subject, we want to be fair but we also want to be factual.Is there even such thing as an honest psychic? An honest psychic maybe someone who believes they are communicating and passing on information with little requirement of monetry value, those just willing to give what comes. I’m not saying here that a real medium doesn’t charge and those are fraudulent do. What of the well-meaning people who may be a friend or an aquintance those surely are not just frauds, after all you know them. They certainly haven’t learned their art by cold/hot reading or by studying behaviour and literature on manipulation.

For a while in 2007 I attended a number of weekly meetings at a mediumship development circle on recommendation from a friend. Where an average of about 30 people mainly female or males who appear to be connected to their feminine side (which would make an article for another time). Group appeared to be made up of variety of different creeds, social and academic backgrounds. There was good cheer and conversation between the sitters, who clearly knew each other very well. Not really knowing anybody other than my friend who sat some distance away on my initial day, I felt a bit disjointed. An opening prayer was blessed upon the room and sitters, encouraging spirits to come close and work with everyone. Followed then by a guided meditation, once we had come out of the meditation. the person taking the development circle would say he will intentionally send out 3 things without revealing what they are. Afterwards one by one taking it turns in describing the events within the vision and connecting them to a giving out a reading for another member of the circle. The readings typically used terms such as “you’re a very spiritual person”, “kind natured, good willed” “I have a message of love for you” and “keep on the the right path”. Which as the people would give there readings and visions, would say what they believed the 3 items were, could have been things like a fountain, a windwill, a dandelion, a lampost etc. Curiously there be at least 8 which did indeed identify the items or objects being sent out by the host. An psychic exercise would follow this, psychometry, aura touch/reading, healing and so forth. One particular psychometry session I remember vividly – the week prior he asked everyone to bring in an sealed envelope with something personal within, a photograph or item small enough to go an envelope. Then on the night everyone swapped with someone else, then as the circle went round everyone was reading colours, textures, names, places of may have been on the photo or linked to the item. The podium instructor had brought along a spare 6 or so for those, who either it was their first time at the circle or weren’t there the week prior and therefore didn’t know to bring in anything.
I was witness to a curious observation, the room was quite busy with folks shuffling around and pairing up, he had accidently dropped the 6 envelopes off the chair to the floor a few minutes or so prior. When he bent down to pick them up, he placed the back of his fingers on a couple of the envelopes and was casually talking to one of the long time sitters, a lady. He said “Here’s the one, have a go at this one”. The observation was that he did indeed drop them by accident off the chair, but had intended to give this particularly student a particular envelope for a reason for that of a challenge. Because he had dropped them, he wasn’t sure which one it was and used his own psychometry ability to get the correct one to pass to the student. Another time the instructor pointed out sternly that “everyone here knows each other, we all know everyone here is spiritual, and that everyones on a path – you have to be more specific why not give a reading for Kristian he’s been here a month and no one so far has give him a reading or had a message for him. Don’t you think that’s strange? Stop conning yourself and giving an easy message just so you don’t picked out. Link in, find those who want to come through and give him something he can indeed take as genuine”.
I found that statement has also stuck with me, the instructor was indeed saying stop doing easy readings, challenge yourself and link in properly to give a real message, damn it! Lol. Whether he is an exception to the rule, this certainly impressed me.

Doing a little research I attended another public circle for development at another location for just one session. Everyone seemed to know each other, so the messages being shared were kinda similar and were vague in their general style. “I can see you going on a bus, could be a journey – yes you’re on a journey” It was almost like everyone was stroking each others egos. There was a cliquey atmosphere… Which is something of a side note really but none the less prevalent. The most frequent conversation point of these mediumship training circles and indeed mind, body and spirit fairs and the like is “you must avoid him”, you shouldn’t listen to her she talks to so and so” and “if they know you’re any good, they will try and get you out of the group”.

It is what is termed “Cliques within cliques”, generally all round bitching about everyone else and how they see their group being run. Shouldn’t they be there to support and show adoration for skills? Shouldn’t there be kindred bond for those trying to prove the existence of spirits and the afterlife? Certainly not! If there’s one thing most noticeable it is that if someone points out that someone else is better and bound for a level of success they haven’t got, its a backstabbing, sabotage filled circus!

While it is easy to point and hold an exploitive individual to account when he undignifes a memory of a cherished loved one in pursuit of money and indeed a strokeable ego, there is a very important issue in point because a number of people mistakenly believe they are developing psychic powers, Buying unwittingly into a world rife with fraud, charlatans who happen carry showbiz like personas. Self delusions of grandeur being like a TV psychic and making a name for yourself, whilst building fame and a fortune.

Self – deception
James Randi, who has tested many people who think they have psychic abilities, has found that when he has tested the alleged paranormal powers of psychics (1) they had never before tested their powers under controlled conditions, and (2) those who don’t offer preposterous rationalizations for their inability to perform seem genuinely baffled at their failure. Often, psychics are not frauds; they genuinely believe in their powers. But they’ve never tested their powers in any meaningful way.
A good example is the dowsing experiment done in 2008, where a group of dowsers from all over the world came to prove their ability and claim the $1million prize. Dowsers most common claim is that of finding water. Working with the JRF on a fair test of their psychic gifts, the agreed test was in a small piece of land, a number of pipes laid and was covered over by sand. There would be water flowing through the a number of the pipes. The dowsers challenge was to find the pipes with water flowing through them as well as the direction of the moving water. Unfortunately the dowsers were not successful, no better than chance. What astounded the dowsers was that they truly believed they would be successful.

Going back on point, it seems that folks get together to learn the art of making statements fit each others ego to satisfy themselves that they are learning to pull it off better, talking vague, rationalizing failures and misses. Whilst I cannot sit on my soapbox and say what you should and shouldn’t spend your money on learning to develop what is highly likely to be a pretend skill,
The most obvisious self delusion of giving your money away, going on courses ran by so called psychic gurus and those who pretend to have the spirit world on speed dial is unavoidably sad to witness, in the belief you will be in the position of the figure head of the group that you currently sit in. Which makes one wonder how aware the instructors are of the deception level involved and whether they consider frauds to the cause.



One response to “Paranormal Network – Feature Article “Honest Psychics”

  1. James Randi’s tests are excessively controlled, often unfair. We have NO scientific instruments that can detect water in a copper pipe so why would a dowser be able to? Also, it is well known that Randi does not let the person going after the $1 million have ANY say or choice in the testing. Randi’s testing does not follow the ‘scientific method’ either even though he gives the appearance that he is science minded.

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