9 responses to “Paranormal Network article: Time traveller recorded in 1928, plus others that have fell through time over the years.

  1. I actually read an article about this. Very interesting, however it is simply a hearing device that was hand held to amplify sound. Although not very popular, they were invented before the circus premiered.

    • Yes, they did make those before that video but you would have to be talk to someone for you to have a use for it. That woman was alone while using that device.

      • hello. well I and my wife have done much research on these. and:
        1) the device the woman in the video is holding a type of acoustic hearing aid/sound amplifier, which was available for many yrs beforehand. if you look at the production values, youll notice that the studio filmed this, not on e a soundstage, but in a city street area, and as extras, gave the residents there a fdew bucks to just act natural. this woman was a homeless woman, so speaking to herself doesnt seem that far off (dementia in hobos is nothing new…)
        2) the guy in the photo, well, his camera is a kodak brownie-style with a semi-large lens extension, which was available 2 yrs prior, a standard pair of welding glasses, with side-shields. (why hes wearin them, i cant say. but its not like he had on raybans…) and michigan state, and many other offered mass-produced, sweatershirts fore about 3 yrs prior also. see, everything is easily explained. (btw, do you think if he were a future person, he would be using such a crappy camera? haha. now, if he had a smartphone or a digicam, then id agree with you. )

  2. But Jan, if it was a hearing device, who was the woman talking to? wouldn’t it have to be someone standing next to her?

  3. While its logical to assume a mundane reason, which its best to. Should never look away from the obvious, as teego highlights clearly there is mutterings from the lady/man in drag she is certainly talking “into” the device, and if it was like some suggest a trumpet which was the common hearing tool until certainly the 60s. The hand is grasped around it, and ultimately there would be someone with her as it does look like a conversation. That is unless we assume the invisible man is her cohort.

  4. havent u guys noticed something? that guy from a mugshot who says hes from 2256, he kindda looks like the woman in that footage from charlie chaplin

  5. I’m no vintage camera expert, but after a quick google search on 40s compact cameras, couldnt it just be something similar to a speedex b2 that the guy in the Bralorne Pioneer Museum photo is holding ?.

    It could be an artifact of my enlarging process, again not an expert 🙂 .. but the lense extension looks square to me, if indeed it is a camera he is holding 😛

  6. My only question is how could she still be talking on the phone if there is no cell phone towers for her phone signal and I’m pretty sure cellphone carriers didn’t exist either

  7. I do know that the picture of the more “modern young man” is actually not a time traveller at all. The sunglasses he wore were actually common at the time and he was wearing a letter sweater which was also common. As far as the others i have no idea…

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