Exorcising The Demons by Sam Brown (of UKPN) – Review

Exorcising the demons is a introduction and glimpse into the sector of paranormal research that has become the “in thing” of the unexplained at the moment – demons, demonology and demonologists. What this book is not is a guide to exorcising demons, but to exercise logic, apply common sense and look at alternative explanations.  A smart play on words with the title.

Exorcising the demons coverThe book is written in an accessible style, so that those from all levels of interest and experience can benefit. What is clear in her intention is passion, a passion out of love for topic and of frustration at those who shout demon or possession for a variety of conditions, situations and occurrences when in fact the truth can often be something of a less supernatural cause. Delving into and demonstrating that the “demonic” can have a more earthly explanation while not going in too deep, with the intention of this to let you know and informing you to use an open mind to other possibilities and go do your research on those headings. Because self proclaimed demonologists are popping up all over the place, and the paranormal media is loving it! How do you take investigations that record 40 hours of footage edited down to an hour where week in week out very little actually happens to omg a demon! its stalking the crew, it could possess them. Its engaging viewing! And thus its all about the ratings. Hence its frequency of dealing with demons being the scenerio on these paranormal TV shows. What this is doing is creating not a generation of unexplained investigators who apply logic and common sense but demon expecting individuals who are expecting the worse and give incorrect interpretation as well as advice to those who are very vulnerable. Which Exorcising the demons reiterates frequently.

The presentation of the book is good with a large generous font. Pictures are printed where relevant on the pages alongside information instead of opting for typical photo glossy pages in the centre. A sketch of  stereotypical demon is illustrated upon every page, which my eyes while reading the text kept struggling to refocus between text and picture. Which lead to a little eye fatigue and kept me from reading the book in the way i would have preferred too. Re-readability whether I could reread the book in its entirety is uncertain, indeed there are many points of reference and interest. However these come from other references in other titles, research and sources. As only the bare bones are told here – of course mentioned earlier this is likely the point. To encourage you to use your ability to go and do your research. Exorcising the demons is a good, interesting and purposely thought inducing read that you should have in your collection.

You can purchase Exorcising the demons from Amazon and from http://www.peoplesparanormal.co.uk RRP is £6.99  Sam Brown is a founding member of UKPNRADIO.CO.UK  – The UKs premier paranormal talk show listen live every Sunday evening


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