Feature Article “Miracles”

Miracles can happen – if you believe

– Written by Alan Smith –

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My youngest daughter had some music on one Sunday afternoon, the singer was Leon Jackson, and one of the lines in a particular song was “…miracles can happen if you believe…”, now the question is, do miracles actually happen?

To give some level of protection to the feelings of any family members that might read this article, I have not included any names, dates, or details within the following text, but the following is a true account of something that happened to me.

I was walking along our high street (it was a Wednesday I believe), I was actually on my way to our local Wilko’s for something (cat lit!), and as I neared the store I saw a woman who I’d seen hundreds of times yet never spoken with, one of those people you see on the high street all the time and pass by blissfully unaware of each other. This particular time as we neared each other, I guess we were about two metres away from each other when she gave me a really big, warm and friendly smile and said a very friendly “Hello”.  Not wishing to be ignorant, I smiled and said “Hello” back to her, I’d no reason not to – even though we’d never spoken before, but I couldn’t help but think how unusual it was that she should speak to me.  Nothing else was said, I never looked round to see where she was going – I’d no reason to, and so I carried on with what I was doing.

What then does this have to do with miracles?  Well if you read the following text you will see why I believe miracles can happen.

To set the scene: A lady and her grandson had been killed (one Saturday) near to where I live, a tragic accident.

To explain a little more about me: sacred heartlands is ‘my own’ meditation/development group, and for this particular week I’d had to make our weekly meeting a couple of days earlier (Monday instead of Wednesday).  The group is inspiration led (from my Spirit Guides and Angels), and on this particular evening I was inspired to hold a healing minute at the end of our meditation and bearing in mind the accident and victims of it mentioned above, and because one of the ladies who sits in the group knew the woman who’d been killed, I asked for the accident victims name to be included in the healing list.

I didn’t know the name; it meant absolutely nothing at all to me, so I therefore had no idea who it was that folk were talking about, however, imagine my total surprise when (on the Friday after our group meeting) the deceased lady’s photograph appeared in our local weekly newspaper, and lo and behold it was none other than the lady I’d seen and spoken with during that week, in other words I had literally spoken with a Spirit lady who was as real to me as all that surrounds me every day.  I tell you friend, the realisation of what I’d experienced was absolutely fantastic, it was so incredibly wonderful.

So, “…miracles can happen if you believe?”, well, I for one would have to say yes, however, the skeptics among you will no doubt ask why, given the fact that we’d never spoken before, did this lady want to appear before me.  I have to say this is a question I’ve asked myself numerous times, especially when you stop to consider that the lady in question had only been passed five days by the time I ‘met’ her, and so she would surely have still been receiving healing for all the trauma associated with her passing.

The only explanation I can give is this: in order to give some kind of ‘reward’ for all I do with regards working with Spirit, and to further strengthen my beliefs in what I do and teach, the higher realms deemed it right to give me a taste of just what incredibly powerful energies they have at their control and are able to work with.

I’m sure that while the mention of this ladies name in our healing prayer had been heard, and the thought of it was passed on to the lady, there is no way she would have been in any condition to present herself so strongly, especially to someone she’d never spoken with before, this is why I think the higher realms gave out this ‘reward’.  I really do believe it not only signified the fact that our prayer had been heard and that this was their answer to it, but also that the heartfelt intention of the group was reaching a higher level of consciousness than we perhaps thought.

Am I right in my reasons for this vision of a spirit person, well I’ll leave that up to you to decide for yourself, but in my mind yes I’m sure I’ve got it right.

Alan Smith.

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