Feature Article “Revelations of Christmas”

Christmas these days is known by those in business as the golden quarter. As people strive to lavish their friends and family with gifts and believe me those businesses market very hard to make their year on year profit, though this year a different story may tell as the beginnings of a recession brought on by the world bankers and those pulling the strings demanding the interest back on all the money they have created and put into the system…a story for a different time. (Although distinctly related)

Christmas, if you break the word down literally, we have 2 words Christ and Mass. So its interpretation is a mass gathering to honour the birth of Christ. If only it were so simple.

Midnight mass

Let us look at the colourful, interesting, astrological origins of the day we have come to know as Christmas and different factors that make up the “event”.

The nativity – The birth of Christ, the light of the world – is celebrated on this traditional date for his birth, since the real one is alleged to be unknown. (Although other research does account that there is a date…apparently) The occasion absorbed several pagan festivals many of which were held in honour of the suns rebirth after the winter solstice which is Dec 25th. The pope of Rome, at the time decreed that in order to convert Pagans of Britannia to Christianity was to take their festivals and make them our own.

The nativity

One of the earliest rites celebrated at the time was a “Norse Yule Sun Worship festival”, after all Northern Europe at this time was controlled by the Norse Danish, Yule Logs and Yule candles became engulfed into Christianity as Rome’s influence went north, symbolizing fire and light during the long nights: so too did the European custom of the candlelit fir tree, which was believed to shelter the woodland spirits when other trees lost their leaves. We honour this today, by putting lights on the tree. There is a 15th century account of a Christmas tree set up in a London street, though Prince Albert is usually credited with having introduced the custom into his English home in 1841.

Alberts christmas tree

Roman Saturnalia celebration of the God Saturn, the Roman name for Greek God Cronus. Where masters and servants changed roles, this was heavily disapproved by the Church. Many carried its tradition from then all the way even to this very day. A servant is given the title of “Lord of misrule” and holds a wild court over the 3 day celebration. The master serves the servant at dinner, One should look to the British armed forces for good example of this, they have the officers wait on the crew and serve them the traditional Christmas dinner.

Leading us very nicely to food, the holiday provided an opportunity for vast family gathering – especially in Victorian times (which we follow also today in our culture) to eat traditional fare to dance, sing and play games in rooms decorated with evergreens and candles. Traditional food included the flaming Christmas pudding which was a stiffened form of the traditional plum porridge which they had at the start of the day/breakfast (This in itself is to celebrate the humble pauper meal of the celebration day). Mince pies were enjoyed by our 16th century ancestors: even today to eat a mince pie on each days of the Twelve days will bring 12 months of happiness and growth in the following year (which unsurprisingly is also taken from the farming traditions of long gone and astrology 12 months of the year, the sun passing through 12 star constellations Aquarius to Sagittarius) About his time the Christmas turkey appeared on the Celebration dinner, although it did not replace the Goose, until very recently. In the wealthy homes, the Boars head was the main dish – which comes from another tradition dating from Norse Yule celebrations, where the boar was considered sacred.

Earlier in medieval England, the Christmas season concluded on the Twelfth Night (January 6) up until Queen Victoria’s reign, and this was a night for parties and games, when a King and Queen were chosen. Which itself is based on an earlier Christmas tradition regarding a Twelfth cake! In which 12 cakes were baked one of the cakes contained a bean and one contained a pea. The man who found the bean became King and the lady who found the pea became Queen for the night. Talk about chests, within chests, is can you guess? Based on another Christmas tradition of when a castle is left to a steward while the King is away fighting if he hasn’t returned by Dec 25th.  The steward has to declare to the people that the King has not returned and the way they choose who took up the reign…yup the bean and pea, inside 12 cakes.

Another great Christmas traditional symbol is mistletoe, revered by our Pagan ancestors. It was so sacred that it had to be cut with a golden sickle. One of the related mistletoe traditions we carry on today is to be kissed underneath the mistletoe. This comes from the traditional Pagan precursor to engagement and marriage called “Hand fasting” which is to dedicate yourself to each other for a year and a day, to be committed to working together and then at the end of the year and a day, you decide whether you want to marry or go your separate ways. You show this with a kiss and a pledge under the sacred mistletoe.

What else besides gifts do you give at Christmas? Yes, that is right cards. Full of varying pictures and poetic wording. Lets look into the origins of what is now tradition barely 100 years ago 3 generations ago it wasn’t pictures of a jolly fat bloke with a bushy beard, smiling snowmen and robins on their annual pilgrimage to the foliage of Great Britain. They were terrifying pictures depicting the Devil, meant with the intention to scare children into being good children for the coming year – which is why Santa asks the question “Have you been good this year?” before you receive any gifts. Yes the Devil/Satan and Santa names to similar to ignore either someone had a dyslexic moment then that word stuck… here are a few lines published in a poem back in 1998 though the author is unknown, and was found online at www.littlescroll.care4free.net

“Rearrange the letters of Santa

To find his proper name,

The one deceiving adults from childhood,

In his life-destroying game.

He promotes excesses in food and drink, and

Loose conduct, through many a material thing…”

In related links from the page, which are interesting especially relating to the subject of Santa and Satan, so I’ll recreate a summary of the points raised.

In The Gospel, JESUS called Satan the “father of all lies”. So it comes as no surprise that Satan is the Author of the Santa Claus Lie. (Santa being an anagram for Satan).

I found this image online, unfortunately can’t credit it as can’t read the signiture i found it as someones avatar.

Also along these lines it must be known. The spiritual and physical damage caused by partaking in The Santa Claus Lie is endless, 1) your becoming an Economic Slave to Santa, 2) Losing Credibility with your children, 3) the shattering of your child’s innocence, 4) shattering their first belief system and 5) teaching your child how to lie as good as you do.

Yet there is an even greater damage, caused by partaking in Satan’s Santa.

Every year, Christians and indeed everyone else screams and complains about how commercial Christmas has become, how Toys and gifts replace Jesus as the “reason for the season.” Well guess what? Christians only have themselves to blame.

It was in 1933 Coca Cola… introduced the “Magic of Santa Claus” to America as an advertising campaign – replacing the cards and pictures of Satan with lovely cuddly Santa – keeping his colours though. The Churches, accepted it hook, line and Rudolf! Baptist, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Lutheran, and Catholic Churches welcomed the Christmas Lie of Santa Claus with open arms and cheerful smiles, and without a second thought and without complaint.

Everyones has there “its defintely Christmas now” moment every year, whether it be hearing the Wombles song, to going into shops in November hearing Christmas songs, your first card, or like many its seeing the Coca Cola advert featuring the trucks all lit up.

Christians and indeed most other people often mention and even joke that Santa scrambled is Satan. It worthy reading to understand that Santa has been assigned the Divine quality of Omniscience, “of knowing all things, “knowing what children have been naughty or nice.”. Then Santa rewards children according to their deeds, just like Jesus does…. hmmmmm.

Then he comes to everyone at Christmas, just like the very same night when Christians all around the world believe the messiah was born in a manger, in Bethlehem.

Next, parents are forced to tell more and more and more lies about Santa as their Children grow older and begin to question Santa, such as “why are people buying so many toys? How can Santa come to our house, we don’t have a fireplace?

Then one dark day, Children realize that Santa Claus and his magic sled was all just a big lie! The very first thing that children ever believed in and hoped in was a lie!  Again, to make things worse, this lie was told, encouraged, re told, defended and retold by their own parents and grandparents.

Last but not least, the Lie of Santa Claus happens on Christmas Day and is forever linked with and to The Birth of Christ. If you lie to your children about Santa, why should they believe anybody about Jesus?

Jesus and the Astrological chart, as many depict him. Jesus is in the centre as “he is the Sun…”

The level of psychological and spiritual damage done to children by lying to them about Santa Claus is unknown?  Maybe the reason that so many Christians cower and back down when they should stand for Jesus is because, deep down, they are afraid their Faith in Jesus Christ is false, a lie, just as their Faith in Santa was shattered as children? – Ouch this information was sourced and summarised from http://www.satansrapture.com

Well I feel I have stayed on the Santa subject far to long, what about the annual snowmen building!

– is that down to ancient traditions. If you said yes, you would be right on the money. It is a Norse legend – Odin and his followers were scouting far from their homelands only about 30 were in his party, when they heard word that a Gaul (French) hunting party was burning, pillaging villages in the area. And they discovered that the Gaul hunters hundreds in number were heading straight for them. Odin and his followers built on the both sides of a narrow canyon, hundreds of “Frost giants” (In one version a sorcerer claiming to be from the future gave them the idea.)

When the Gaul army came through the canyon, Odin and his party rode to meet them and proclaimed their lands were protected by elemental spirits and pointed to the Frost giants all around, the Gaul army soon retreated. We build Frost Giants/Snowmen to be the elemental guardians of our homes, – just as Odin did in the legend.

“Lemme at them, lemme at them, I shall defend your home”

The day of Dec 25th also has profound astrological symbolism which we will discuss in another future article.

So there we have many aspects and revelations regarding the origins of what know to be Christmas,

From all those at NPN. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS – and when you do those things you considered to be traditional this year – remember to note the origins – over your chrimbo dinner, they make great conversation and discussion.


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