Journal of a paranormal researcher – Passing off what isn’t yours

My mind ponders how many people have been approached by others with details and information that is not thiers, but they claim outright that it is. Probably copied from the web from a book or tv show plot.

Is it human nature that we want to impress others with our wares. Like a courting ritual for acceptance and proof of experience. However once the cat is out of the proverbial bag and the truth brought to light, it can make even a genuine well to do person appear as a fraud and unlikely afterwards to be taken as serious.

Not to recently a contact we shall call her “M”expressing a wish to join our group, M forwarded 3 photos which she claimed had been taken by her and her close friend. One of the images is quite spectacular depicting what appears to a translucent man with blue glow and a vivid luminousity like a skeletal structure and nervous system taken in a living room complete with baby in shot. I asked where the photo was taken, she said it was taken in her friends front room. Where does your friend live. Just two doors away was her reply. Is it possible i can get in touch with her. Lets just say for the sake of flow of this article the answers weren’t forth coming.

The next day I called M to ask about her friends living room as the fireplace isn’t your standard style looking quite american, the story had changed from close friend to just someone she knew. Also the day prior she made out she had been to the house and made mention it had a weird energy (M claims mediumship ability) – however now she says doesn’t know where she lives.

While I’m on phone to M. I’m looking at the picture and I notice what appears to be a fold on the left about a third of the way across meaning this is a photo or scan of the original. M is then adament she took the photo, I point out the inconsistencies and holes in her tale. I don’t wish to be rude, but I wanted to be factual and get the information right. She made her excuses that someone was at the door and put phone down, from that moment to this have heard from her again.

The photograph as you can see is certainly striking and would like to know more about it.

[ED-note this is not the quality of the one I originally had forwarded to me as it no longer appears to be on my server : however a quick google search for the term “blue ghost” on the first page turned up the shot I was looking for, albeit a stretched and distorted one]

Truth behind this scenerio and countless similar is even if she had have come clean and said “you know what, I downloaded it from the web and I didn’t take the photo” . How do you trust the information they present in the future? During the investigative process can you rely on that person? How could a team not have doubts? Those cracks in trust will have the potential to break the team.

Care to share your thoughts and experiences of.this kind of situation.

Kristian Lander –


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