Feature Article – “Ghost Hunting, shouldn’t be for entertainment”

Heading into a reputedly haunted location is the thrill for many ghost hunters, in recent years going “ghost hunting” is a popular hobby and interest for many people. It’s a chance to meet up with people with similar interest, seeking out the supernatural in the chance of an having experience themselves.

Since the advent of shows such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters bringing the experience of watching a ghost hunt right into your living room. With movie companies pumping out paranormal films of a sinister and dark nature as a form of popular entertainment, couple this with the ever growing number of paranormal themed TV shows. The ghost hunting industry has become a juggernaut of money. Which was covered in a recent article by the paranormal network entitled “The paranormal economy”. The interest is at an all time high. Listening to Boston Paranormal Radio last week and a comment said by the interviewer was “when you think about it, Ghost hunting, its just like bird watching. You go somewhere with likeminded people, sit around and hope to spot something”

Locations vary from the ornate mansions of the countryside, shopping centres to the local pubs and residential homes. Event companies put together “organized” Ghost hunts, hiring a big venue, covering its cost by having paying members of the public and/or other ghost seeking groups attending. This form of entertainment has gone from the strength to strength as paranormal teams themselves are hosting a number of the events as a way to fund their own operations.

Many occurrences that are reported are the likes of footsteps, creaks in the house, sensation of being watched, figures in the shadows – which can in most cases be put down to logical and natural reasoning. However reports such as being touched even groped by invisible entities. Similarly being choked, squeezed, bitten, scratched, punched even the sensation of being stretched. Items being thrown at those present and even burnt. So the question is here – should this really be a form of entertainment?

To see something first hand, hang with your friends, the opportunity to be scared, take some pictures and go home happy to have felt or seen something strange is the norm for many people. For the families who are having these terrifying experiences on a daily basis, certainly don’t feel this is a form of entertainment.

Speaking with a person who doesn’t want to be identified as she herself was in a situation where her and her 2 children were experiencing strange phenomenon of a dark nature, children were in fear of sleeping in their room due to an man in a hood who kept talking to them. Thumps on the wall and she didn’t know where to turn, she explained she had contacted her local vicar, who took much persuasion before even coming, he blessed the house. From then on the level of anger in the activity increased, kicking of the beds at night, items disappearing and being thrown at them later. Her family and friends were telling her to leave, to move out. Quoting from one of the emails “I have paid good hard earned money to buy this house, I have no intention of leaving”.
She got in contact with local paranormal teams, who conducted investigations. She claims a number of different groups got in contact with her to do vigils, bring in mediums, psychics offering to cleanse the property and the like. Her and family felt like lab rats or a circus, the make matters worse the events at her home continued and to date have not ceased.

In this persons experience of supernatural occurrence, the family became the object of interest for groups, psychics and mediums. However none were actually helping the situation. She has instead been forced to move into her sisters, but still owns the home. Her aim now is to learn and understand herself what is occurring there and is at present writing a book.

Putting ourselves as researchers, investigators and hunters in a view where we are going only for the thrill of it, is a wrong move. We are dealing with people who are having very real experiences whether they be in their own mind or by an external as yet unidentified presence. Some pleasant, some traumatic. We have a duty of care to be professional, considerate and respectful. This includes all the people who attend gatherings, public investigative experiences and private investigations. This should not a form of entertainment, at least not undertaken lightly. We are exposing ourselves to situations and scenarios that can indeed be life threatening. One of the questions I get asked possibly most frequent besides “Have you seen a ghost?”, Is “Can a spirit hurt you?”.
Which to be honest, I don’t think I have ever given a straight answer to without waffling about a dozen or so contributing factors and the finer psychological points of view to both answers of “yes” and “no”.

If we really are dealing its complete with pencil drawings, notes and ideas with “beings” of ethereal matter, who have the ability to exist in a state of flux communicating with the living whilst having a foot in the afterlife. Whether they are presences of thought matter who are just wandering by or are lost. To deliberate entities bent on creating frustration and fear to give them more “energy” as well those who claim to be demons or indeed the devil himself. Should we really be doing as Yvette does by calling out “come on, come on then, do something” and as soon as they do “something” scream, run and hide then come back and do the same thing over and over. If I was that spiritual entity that would for sure piss me the hell off and would soon stop being the proverbial performing monkey.

Shouldn’t we the people of the earthy realm and those of spiritual realm by working together for a common cause? [Which makes a great title for another future feature article.] Because after-all they indeed exist we shouldn’t be treating like zoo animals and if they don’t exist surely there are better thing to do with our time.

Kristian Lander.


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