Did I just experience “missing time”?

A curious phenomenon, spoke of by many – “the missing time” experience. Have spoke to some who claim to had this happen. And any reader of paranormal literature or viewer of a number of documentaries and TV shows will know – it often is associated with alien abduction. While I don’t believe I was abducted (my rectum feels just fine). The surreal-ness of the awareness of the passage of time is an incredibly strange sensation. When did this happen? you may ask – less than 20 mins ago of the initial time of posting. As a researcher and investigator of the unexplained, my task right now is to cover the bases and go over the details, try and find the crack as they say

The story and experience is such, I came home from work got in about 3.35pm-3.40pm. Sylvia my partner in crime was just about to get ready to leave for work which she did at 3.47pm and I recall this because I read her the time from the computer screen, when she asked. Sylvia then leaves the place. I pick up a few bits from the sofa, answer a text from my sister and ready to get on with some design work. Head into the bedroom to get changed out uniform into civvies. I recall moving a few bits on the floor and standing up changing my shirt and trousers to jeans. I hear a high pitch sound – similar to an old fashioned kettle with a whistle but higher, a persistent sound. I know recall as I am writing moving to turn around to look at the bedroom door. I am not tired, far from it.

Next thing I remember is I am shivering, bitterly cold, teeth are chattering and I know i’m lying down on the bed, it is dark. Feels like I am coming out of sleep as im moving my arm around trying to find the blanket, like you do in the morning or when the blanket has been tugged away – my alertness kicks in. I realize I am lying on top of the bed, diagonally feet to bottom left. head to top right. I jump up from the bed and see outside the window it really is dark, so my instinct is directing me to know the time my phone reads 18.57! Its been over 2 hours!
I come in the living room, got to kitchen put kettle on and attempt to get warm by putting fire on. Then I came to post this

well that was just plain surreal – got home from work, sylvia was just leaving. this was about 345. I remember going into bedroom, a strange sound, like a high pitch whine next thing i know its 7pm. I’ve got some disorientation going on. I assume I fell asleep, but wasn’t tired and don’t recall going to sleep.

I have no recollection of the passage of time, for the 2 hours – I wasn’t tired and no intention of going to sleep. The transition of time was virtually instantaneous. Being in bedroom getting changed to waking up freezing cold. The sound is puzzling it was a single note of high pitch. I have no history of tinnitus albeit sometimes I can hear a similar sound generated occasionally by TVs.

I must put forward the surreal sensation after wards was very well surreal.



8 responses to “Did I just experience “missing time”?

  1. I’ve had two incidents in the last couple of months… the latest one being yesterday. I can’t give any description as I don’t recall any. The only evidence that I have is my watch, which I place on my bed side table every evening. The watch is one I have had for about a year but was left in the box until I started to use it about 4 months ago. Approximately 2/3 months ago I was getting ready for work & when putting on my watch realised that it was an hour & 40 mins slow. I was totally confused by this as I had worn the watch the day before & it was correct when I took it off in the evening about 6.30pm & placed it on my bed side table. The watch was ticking correctly & there was no suggestion of there being a problem with the watch other than the time difference. I checked that the winder was pushed in which I already knew it was as it wouldn’t be ticking if it wasn’t but I checked anyway looking for any possible answers as to the time loss. I reset the watch and have monitored it constantly. Since then it has not lost a second and has stayed totally accurate. Due to this I have had to put it down to “one of those unexplainable instances”.
    So I nearly fell over when I went to put my watch on yesterday, as I did my watch up & looked at the face to ensure it sat in the centre of my wrist I noted it was 8.04am (UK time 22/06/2012) instantly I was confused as although I didn’t know the exact time I was aware that it was later than that. (I use my mobile phone for a waking alarm and had set it to wake me at 8.15am). I had awoken approximately 3.30am to go to the loo (as I do most nights between 3.30 & 4.30) I always check the time on my mobile when climbing back into bed. I woke again approximately 7am, as I was wide awake I got up. Whilst down stairs having coffee my phone alarm had gone off at the time I had set it for 8.15am, which was approx half hour before. I got my mobile & compared the times and the difference was 35mins (by this time it was 8.40am on all the other clocks). I compared the time on Sky and also on my computer.

    I decided to reset my watch with my computer to the exact second & at that point realised the date 22 June summer solstice being the evening before & my mind started to run riot haha.

    I’ve checked my watch against my computer clock just now & it has not lost or gained a second, So another of “those unexplained instances” !!!.

  2. I am a bit worried. I think I have 2 hours of missing time from sometime today. I don’t remember anything unusual and only found out when I checked my wristwatch for the time and found it was 2 hours behind my mobile phone clock and computer clock (both take their time from the internet so are accurate). I only found out when I looked at my watch which said midnight but my phone and computer said 2:00 am.

    I know the time on my watch was correct at about 1:15 pm as my daughter called me and mentioned the time which I instinctively checked on my my watch.

    At first I thought it might be the watch battery but having re-adjusted the time on it, it has been keeping perfect time for the last 3 hours. It’s not a flakey watch, it is an expensive Tag Heuer watch. I live in a remote area and spend much of the day alone with our pet dog as the kids are at school. Today I have been in the house for most of the day except when I took the dog out for her afternoon walk.

    I thought I could account for all my time today but this discrepancy has me a bit rattled. Is there anything I should be on the lookout for???

    • i cant explain this stuff. read my expierence, ialso had missing time, a day! iswear that today is wednesday. my son just left here a few days ago. how can tommorow be friday already? im scared, what is going on? how can this be? i feel like im in the twilight zone! what causes this to happen with some people is beyond me. but something is going on! but what?

  3. i cant believe what just happend? i was on the phone with my son , and i asked him to come visit this weekend. he said tommorow is friday! i swear that today is wednesday! where did the time go? i just cant believe it. today is wednesday. but its not. both me and my boyfriend are like are we in the twilight zone or what? how can this be possible? my son just left here a few days ago from last weekend? iam like kinda scared right now! why does this happen? what do you think? i know right now that something is not right?

    • I myself some how lost about more than 30 minutes I get off work at 12:30 in the afternoon 1 started walking and have my cell phone on my hand looking at how many steps a have i have the app that monitor how many step you take any I walked out the door right at 12:30 and walked toward my truck parked about 1 block away as I get to my truck I notice the time is 1:04 what happened I thought my phone was reading the time wrong so I reset it n started driving and looking at the time reading 30 minutes ahead how did it took me 30 min to walk 1 block I got home first thing I looked was the clock on the wall it showed that I did lost more that 30 min I tell my family n friends they just give me faces ir crazy remarks but I know that somehow I lost time

  4. Hi Cynthia,
    Is this still happening? I was in the Philippines night swimming with friends. My friend and I decided to occupy the smaller empty pool further down, away from the others talking and having a laugh with each other inside the pool.. That was the last thing i remember. This lasted at most 10-15 minutes we suddenly found outselves both standing by the side of the pool, clothes dry and less intoxicated wondering how we got there. Still confused about where we just came from and why we are both standing by the poolside we decided to go back to our friends. To our suprise the hut was empty and it seemed that they were hiding from us but why take the food and stereo.. Finally found them all inside the van and some were asleep. I asked why they were all here as we only just arrived there.. Why is everyone here? My cousin replied and said that they looked all around the resort three times but couldnt find us, but the resort was small and we were at the next pool down, so i couldnt understand this. They said we had gone for 3 and a half hours!! My friend and i just looked in awe at each other trying to convince them that at most we had gone for 15 minutes. Unfortunately my friend passed away but i still look back and wonder what happened to the both of us… Cynthia.. I feel this may be a demonic thing, nothing else like an abduction perhaps as crazy as it sounds. Call on the name of Jesus Christ.. It has worked for many who have been “abducted” but they are aware of it happening in the moment… Yours is one that you dont even recall where the time went so i dont know if that helps but sure sounds similar. Good luck

  5. My wife and I had a loss of time experience a few years ago. We found ourselves standing in the middle of the living room not knowing how or why we were there. I knew what time it was, but the clock on the mantle showed 20 minutes had passed. I told my wife, that clock must be broke. After checking other clocks in the house, they all showed we had lost 20 minutes. Then I looked at my wife and noticed her left eye was black, and told her so. She said , so is yours. We both looked in the mirror in amazement. How could we both get left black eyes, standing in the middle of the living room and knowing that there was an approximate 20 minute time loss. We haven’t experience anything like that since that day.

  6. Hello,

    I wanted to share something that happened to me on February 10th 2017 at around 7:15PM EST. On Friday around 6:30PM I left my house to go pickup a pizza we had ordered for dinner. I made the trip there with nothing abnormal, began the trip home and seem to have lost some time. After making a left turn onto NC RT49 in Roxboro, NC, heading back to my home about 9 miles away, I remember seeing a section of the road where after the left turn, the road has 4 lanes. About a mile or two after that the road narrows to 2 lanes and its around another 8 miles to my house. I moved here about 3 years ago, so I am usually looking around at landmarks, way points, or familiar sights to keep me aware of where I am. During this trip home I remember the part where the road changes to two lanes, but have no memory of what I saw during the trip home until I looked up, saw lights in the sky above me, and realized I had driven passed the road my house in on, and driven another 8 miles or so. I only remember seeing the lights above the road, and had to sort of hunch down in the seat to see them above the road. At that point I realized where I was, looked at the clock and it was 7:28PM. I thought maybe I had fallen asleep, but the road has some curves-twists that could not be navigated without some sort of intelligent control. I have no idea what happened, but thought I needed to tell someone about it.

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