An unsettling experience at the pub

Yesterday, we went out for dinner to a lovely pub called The Bowman. It was a fairly normal day, nothing unexpected or surprising happened, and so I wasn’t entirely prepared for what happened during our time there.

Now, the Bowman is a haunted pub and they don’t exactly make a secret of it. in fact they’ve rented out to groups before. We managed one of the teams that investigated there in 2007, but on that particular day we had little resultsd back from the tests the team were doing

However, nopt only was this was in the daytime but the paranormal was the very last thing on my mind. At roughly around ten past one I excused myself to go to the toilets, and when on my way out I turned back to the door-to pull it closed behind me. Then I jumped-as behind the door I saw a dark figure, which pushed closed the door behind me. Now, being as we do what we do and after my initial shock had worn off I noticed that where the handle would haver been on the door there was a reflective bronze panel, which I could see myself in and I was wearing all black, so I thought perhaps I had seen myself in the reflective surface and my eyes were just playing tricks on me. In order to test this, I pushed the door open again and turned to the position I had been in when I saw the figure. Not only did not recreate the image I had seen earlier, but the door closed more slowly this time. Both times I had only only touched the door to open it, not close it.

Whether it was paranormal or something else, It was certainly an interesting and unexpected experience.

See you on the other side,



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