Beyond The Line Unexplained and Paranormal Magazine Issue 4. Finalized cover&info.

As well as a sneek peak at the topics discussed and explored inside this new exciting edition of Beyond The Line, now into our fourth issue. We have kept a bit of lid on the contents this time, with the intentio to surprise and inform. Delivering the most content filled issue so far! Take a look.

When giants walked amongst men. Did giants really exists in our history? Is there evidence?
Inside the circle. A personal journey beyond the curtain of a private seance circle.
Sounds from the veil.
(More than) Hauntings – Time warps and missing time.

Did you know – Utsuro Bune.
Astral Projection.
Physical Mediumship.

Paranormal 101. Discussion of the motivation, thrills and understanding of ones self, in becoming a paranormal investigator and researcher.

PSI FILES: Is hair the antenna of psychic abilities? Native americans, extraterristrial communication, scientists, Nazis, The Vril society.

PSI FILES: Psychical experiment. A simple experiment to test your and your friends psychic ability, fairly and in a simple and fun way. Step by step. Try them on investigative experiences and with groups, family and friends.

… and more!


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