XBOX Kinect is it detecting ghosts? And a number of reports to accompany the possibilty.

Originally popping up online around beginning of March was a report of  strange goings on and “ghost” captures using the gaming interface Kinect. As well as others who are reporting similar!  Kinect is an controller free interaction for the likes of menu controlling and gaming. Using technology to capture gestures,  facial recognition, voice and body movement.

Kinect is great fun, it uses a mic and combination of cameras and sensors. A standard camera, and 3d infra red depth sensors to translate into on screen animation.  Its a lot of fun, its very intuitive to use and is the capturing device of some very interesting phenomena. Because of the 3d depth camera it picks up 3dimensional objects and people. And can differentiate between static and moving stuff. Without getting technical it can tell the difference between you, who else is in the room and the vertical lampshade.

It would have been very easy to just post this a link to facebook when the first story went online,  but we wanted to see over the course of 4 weeks, what the responses were – what other reports came up – what people were talking about – and go for an blog article on it.

One night my friend was playing it (Kinect – not sure what game though) with her son and after some time the son ends up going to bed, but the mother continues to play and at some point while she’s playing the Kinect picks up on another body entering in the gameplay area from the background… When there is no one around but herself. Immediately she turns it off and goes to her bedroom.

It has to be a physical 3D moving person in order for Kinect to recognize  it is a person, assign a 3d skeleton to it, and Kinect has software designed to tell the difference between those passing and those entering the play area to play.

“So last night, I was having a conversation with a friend about politics, conspiracies, and the like-When he told me about his recent ghost sighting. I was mildly intrigued. Basically, he has an Xbox Kinect and sometimes when he’s playing alone, It will “pick up” a second player when nobody else is in the room. The player will then try to play basketball with him. It doesn’t do a very good job, he says…but it does try.”

Is the 3d “spectre” player moving around and performing gestures in order to be recognized or do they just wanna play? It could of course be a reflection off somewhere being detected.

There is a number of Youtube videos – of this curious detection method. – The video poster, in his bedroom.  speaks quite openly that he is aware of a spirit child of a girl in his house. The “spirit” appears to be interacting with the virtual animal on screen. – This video is a very well lit room, its a guy and his young toddler aged kid. The dad demonstrates the play area has no one within it, yet there is interaction on screen.

There was a report posted on the very first day of release of strangeness being detected by the Kinect.

While taking a break from the rigors of motion control gaming, having sat down just out of view of the sensor but in a position to still see the screen I started browsing the internet and eventually the Xbox went into the screensaver mode which reduces the screen brightness.
Every few minutes I noticed that the TV screen would light up and the Kinect sensor would try and adjust its angle before going back into standby mode, thinking nothing of it and continuing with my browsing I was content in presuming that this was something the Sensor did to calibrate for changes in the room.

Then the incident occurred, the camera started adjusting and out of curiosity I looked up and saw that on the dashboard IR input display the screen was lit up as if the camera had detected hands waving, a little freaked out I got up to check it out and then the straw that broke the camels back the screen flashed purple indicating that it had indeed found a person.

For those folks who wanna have a go kinect ghost huntin’ Go to where you set up the game to be able to recognize you. It will show your body and outline in green and shows all your joints when you move as it senses the movements. Try leaving the field of vision of the Kinect and asking out for those present to step into the area. To see if it “detects” anyone. For those who wanna be more creative and take Kinetic into the active investigation field – Kinect drivers for Linux and Windows for a little while now, to hook it up to PC and Laptops. There sure has been some inventive uses and applications from the homebrew and technical community.


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  1. Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks!

  2. okay the same thing just happened to me and my brother. we were playing just dance 3 and we both decided to take a break, we both stepped out of range of the viewer, me on the computer and him on the couch, but we could both still see the tv, then after making a couple jokes as we often do we saw the image of a person walking toward the kinnect sensor, but we were both sitting down, if he had not been with me I would be freeking out still, but anyways I decided since I was on the computer I would do some research about it, and found this cite, I am still freeking out a bit but yea!!!!!

  3. I was playing on my kinect on day playing Just Dance #. On just dance it will show what you are doing in the corner. Well it deteced some moving obect I look outside and nothing was there.

  4. Just a few days ago my sister-in-law was letting her 3 year old daughter play just dance for kids by herself. Once the song/dance was completed it shows the scores of each player and their picture taken by the kinect sensor during play. The 2nd player who was unseen by my sister-in-law had double the score of her daughter. The picture captured was chilling. You can see a white face. It’s not detailed enough to be able to match to anyone we know, but there is no mistaking its distinctly a face. Also, its much closer to the sensor than her daughter stands as if its right in front of it. It’s not a brightly lit room so normally the pictures on the screen tend to look darker but this face is bright white almost as if a picture taken closely with an LED camera flash. Afterwards she showed her daughter the picture and asked her who she was playing with and all the 3 yr old said was “its dead”.

  5. April, Hi.
    Thats sounds like a really unique interaction you’ve had with Kinect. We’d really like to learn a little more and perhaps get a peek at the photo too. However as I have a Kinect too, do you mean Kinect took the photo and showed it at the end of a game. Like it does in Kinect Adventures akin to a replay?

    I’ll be honest, we’ve had Kinect here and set up since September haven’t experienced much in the way of what people are experiencing. That is expect one thing, sometimes the motion sensor appears confused with another “hand” or motion gesture. This could be down to environment or unclear motions.

    Looking forward to reading more of your experiences

    • That’s exactly what I mean. Just like with kinect adventures this game takes a picture of the players during the game, but it only takes the one picture if each player and uses it as that players avatar for their scoring stats. Once the song was over this was the picture on the tv screen as the 2nd player. We are trying to find out if there’s a way to access the pictures on the xbox itself I’m not sure if it saves all of the photos or not. But the pic I have is the one that my sister took with her cell phone camera of the tv screen and the face that showed up on it.

  6. We were playing Just Dance 3 last night with a couple of friends and we left it on the menu screen while we went out to smoke. All the sudden it start going crazy, the menu went up down up down up down and we didn’t know what was going on. Just a couple of weeks ago I had a small piece of plastic get thrown at me… I freaked out because all of that stuff is creepy creepy, but when my husband called and told me this kinect paranormal had been a happening thing on google, that was the last straw… now I want to MOVE! LOL

    • last night i was playing just dance by myself and the sensor said that there were four people playing and then when no one was playing cause i left the screen on the side said that the was a orange shape on the side .afterthat everyone was soo scared and creeped out especially my moms friend,that works for a ghost hunting tv show.CREEPY!!!!

  7. My wife and I were watching a Japanese horror film on Love film through the xbox when the Kinect sensor picked something up and the hand symbol started to move erratically around the screen this lasted for 2 to 3 minutes then disappeared.We were perfectly still and didnt move at all the time this was happening. We had watched a film previously and nothing at all happened during that .We tried to replicate the action of the hand on the screen and it took a while for the Kinect to pick up my hand movement.So if anybody has any comments or ideas as to what caused this to happen please leave a reply.

  8. okay. well this has happened twice to me before. so the first time when it happened, i was playing dance central and i was at the menu where you pick a song, and i had to go to the bathroom, so when i came back, i wasnt in front of the sensor yet, and a spirit or ghost or whatever was getting tracked, and it was choosing a song. i was like holy crap! and when i played the song, in the middle of the songs, you can freestyle and when i freestyled, i got an achievement for two people getting a picture, and i was the only human being in front of the kinect. . .

    Also, the other time was just a few days ago, i just turned on my xbox, and the kinect was doing its tuning thing, where it would go up and down to tune itself, and i was sitting in my floor about to hit play disc when i noticed in the little kinect screen in the bottom of my tv screen that there were two hands floating, getting tracked above my head.

    this sorta scares me because i am actually haunted because one night, i woke up randomly in my bed, and at the end of my bed, there is a shadow of a girl, about 11 or 12 years old, and i couldnt breath or move and she started walking towards me, and it felt like if she got beside me, she was gonna kill me, but after a few seconds, i blinked, and she was gone, and i was breathing really hard. it took me two hours to go back to sleep.

    • the sleeping situation that you mention at the end of your entry here is actually a common phenomenon called ”old hag syndrome” or better explained, sleep paralysis. The exact same thing happened to me, and I thought that it was a unique situation, only to learn recently that it is quite common. I saw an old woman at the foot of my bed, she walked along the side of my bed, and then hovered directly above me. Finally she sat on my chest. I could not move a muscle or make a sound, as hard as I tried. If you google ”old hag syndrome” you will see that it happens to individuals around the globe, and has happened for many, many years.

  9. This weekend my girlfriend was playing zumba on the kinnect, while she was playing it said that a “guest 2” had entered the game..If you know how the zumba game is set up, then you will know that it shows you in green in the background on both sides. So in the background where it was once showing her, it now showed a female figure just standing there with her hands in a praying position at her chest. The game no longer recognized my girlfriend and it read only guest 2 for the rest of the game. Her son was sitting down on the couch behind and to left of my girlfriend he thought it was reading him and moved but it was still there.

  10. i totally believe these people after today, me and my fiance was playing this afternoon, he decided to play so i got under the blanket on the couch facing the tv. He then started to play and we saw a full standing body right next to him. He moved his hands to see what the kinekt was picking up but still this person was just standing there, i jumped up from the couch and saw the person now in sitting position on the couch while both of us was on the other side of the room. FYI we live opposite a graveyard.

  11. I was just playing a sec ago and thought I’d look this up after what just happened. When I first turned it on I noticed it was picking up like a bright area behind me. I waved my hand at the area and it disappeared off the screen, already freaked out I still played. While I was playing, the screen said “another player detected raise ur hand” I kept playing, it did it again after a min then said another player joined the game. I then turned it off cause I’m the only one in my apartment and I am freaked!!! Mostly cause this meant not only did it get picked up but it raised it’s hand! It’s the first time I’ve played with the cartoon/outlined/almost ghostlike characters on dance central so I guess that made the ghost want to play too, lol. Yea too freaked to see if it would actually rake in any points. Man if it is a ghost I don’t think I like all the stuff it’s been watching me do. Yikes!

  12. Okay, So really weird things have been happening to me as well. About a month after I got my xbox I was playing Just Dance 3 on my kinect. In the top left corner it shows you yourself dancing in some random color. Well, I usually play by myself in my room. One night I was playing it and it showed a very clear image of a person on the ground to my left. The person was crawling twords me. I turned to look and I saw nobody there. Everytime I stopped moving, it would crawl to me. When I moved again, it would back up. It didn’t seem dangerous, only curious.

    Also, after that on other days when I would play, other odd things would be happening. The game would say that another person had joined me, and I would around and see nobody there. To make things even more creepy, the invisible person started choosing songs for me!! All of this creeped me out, but it never really scard me. Weird things like this would keep happening.

    But this morning when I was playing (I usually play the game for a work out so I activate sweat points) Disturbing things would happen to me.! The first thing that happened was I saw a figure of a person standing next to me. It was hunched over and it looked like it had a hood. This figure was shorter than I. I went out of the kinect’s view to grab some water but it still showed the figure in the corner. There was no one else in my room. I was all alone. After my water, I started playing again and the figure went away. A few songs later, I saw a figure in the little box again. But this time it was of a man, a few inches taller than me. So maybe about 6 feet or taller. (I’m 5 foot 10.5. Don’t know if that helps you understand what I was seeing or not.) This person was much clearer than the one who showed before it this morning. I left the xbox vision again and grabbed some water. I was still all alone in my room (or so I thought), but the little box still showed the man standing there. Later he evaportated and I carried on with my workout. I am creeped out, but I’m glad that I am not the only one having these expieriances.

    I loved your article by the way. Thanks! 🙂

  13. i seem to be reading the same issue in every comment. however my issue is just the opposite. all of these comments mention that their kinect had been engaged in interacting with the them or had done so recently. my first issue with the kinect was quite funny actually, i was watching nick swardsons stand up when he asked if anyone played xbox live. the kinect reacted and began rewinding the feature even though he did not say rewind. small tech error, solution, mute the tv. i mostly use my x-box for live gaming and watching netflix. i used the kinect the first day i got it on Christmas. and a few times when grappling the controls. i never use the hands free control preferring either the mic or the controller. at random points the kinect will detect movement in the room and the hand cursor will move across the screen as though someone is guiding it or moving in the room. as i said before, i rarely use this feature and find it strange that absent any information regarding how the camera calibrates, that this only happens when nothing in the room has moved for awhile. at many points i will move around the room even wave at the camera for a minute or so and no reaction from the camera. ive noticed these subtle “tech errors” and researched to find out why the kinect was turning on for no reason. i experimented with my girlfriend who played a zumba game, the kinect funtioned flawlessly. so, its not broken. i unplugged the xbox for three days, changed the power strip and rebooted. day one went by with no errors. the next day the hands free engaged and the inverted picture box showed a glowing purple mass to the right of me in the room. freaked. i have a modest interest in the paranormal i would call this a legitimate experience, knowing how the kinect functions, and also the only genuine thing to happen to me like this. its pretty hard to deny that the camera sensed a person who wasn’t there, and missed a person that was. the purple orb got really bright and lasted for a few seconds. almost like a beacon. thankfully im not the only one. however, i do live in a old church/school house. something may be here but its not an issue of evil poltergeists. its just funny how my expensive toy turned into a tool for seeing the unknown. so in my opinion does the kinect pick up ghosts? honestly its probably the best tool for an amature experiment, and in my experience, glowing orbs that only a high tech camera can see when its just me in the room. i’d call that real.

  14. Last night i was on the couch out of view of the kinect and i was watching a show on hbo go and all of the sudden the kinect screen lit up and the hand was going all over the screen like someone was moving there hand around. It freaked me out and i tried from the couch to recreate waving my arm and leg and nothing happened. This has only happened once and i watch netflix all the time and it never has any problems like this.

  15. When choosing a Netflix video my Kinect cam is on and located at the bottom right of the screen.. I have a picture of a dark shadowed figure standing there… We’ve checked the lighting and everything but can’t explain it.. I’m not sure if any one has had that issue?

    • I fell asleep watching Netflix and when I woke up, the sensor had a reddish shadow on it and transparent arrows going across the screen saying Unrecognizable profile. It freaked me out so much! I can’t find anything on google about this, but this site came up, and now reading everyone’s story, I’m still freaked out!

  16. I was doing Zumba today with my friend. out of no where it looked like a third person was sitting on the ocuch but then it disappeared pretty quickly. we figured it was a glitch. well we finished our workout, and my friend sat down on the couch. wel she said she was getting really cold, and it started picking up something that was flashing. well i had been having dreams about my grandfather, and i dont know why i thought of this, but i started saying “papa is that you” i dont know if it was him, but it got even darker and started form what looked like a persons outline. this went on for a few minutes, my friend that was sitting there put her hand where the xbox was lcimaing there was someone she said it felt like a lot of electricty. it was really weird. so we started looking up if the xbox could pick up on things like this and yeah….i found this…it is kinda crazy.

  17. I was playing Dance Central in Kinect, until i was just watching the movies like the intros and stuff. Until i saw a person sitting on the desk on the left of me. There was no one in the room with me. He just stood there. I called my other relatives. They saw it. Then it disappeared. Then when i was outside to get a drink of water. Then when i came back, there was a black figure hiding behind the desk. Then it was walking like a zombie towards the camera. I suddenly freaked out and ran upstairs to the room and slept thinking it was a nightmare.

  18. Ok I have not yet tried this yet, but am curious to since I heard about this process at a convention I went to for paranormal investigations. And as someone who will be into that field soon I wanna get one now and see what I come up with.

  19. couple months ago my girlfriend and I bought Xbox 360 with kinect. During the set up for the kinect on a 55 inch tv we saw a small child. Here are the details.

    – When first time setting up the kinect the green screen is on (infrored). It had ask you to stand or sit in front of the camera quiet and still.. so my girlfriend gave it a shot and waited until the caliberation was over. It said error and to try again. She then wanted me to do it.

    -Ok my turn to calibrate, I sat on the couch just me in front of the green infrared camera. nice and still. To the left of me standing was the size of a 2 year old child just standing there. It had the same shape as me or any human and whats more crazy is that it even had the stick figure lines inside the body when the camera detects a body. stick arms, legs, head etc..

    -We just sat there and stared at the spirit on the tv and when the caliberation was over it takes a picture and you can see normal view of the room. At this point, the picture after the caliberation was focused where the child was standing and not me in front of the TV. We then couldnt see the child because it was normal view and not infrared/green camera.

    This was at night only my girlfriend and I up. Our son sleeping in the other room.
    I have never seen anything this crazy in my life and thought I would share.

    Peace and Love.

  20. My husbands (dead) friend always plays the kinect, since the day we got it. I even have video and showing the room being empty too. I’ll try and get video of him playing the other games too.We only have 3 games but he plays them all. Today, (with the video), it was kinectanimals that the kids left on, and he even had it ‘take a picture’ but his image didn’t show up.

  21. I was playing a dance game on the xbox alone when the screen spit into two and I was no longer highlighted (but still visible) and something beside me suddenly lit up. I stopped and the glowing went across the viewing area. It was in a slow enough motion to see a face outlined, then it disappeared off the screen. I then shut off my xbox.

  22. My brother has recently experienced this. I have been looking all over online for other accounts so I’m glad I’ve found this. He was playing a dancing game on his own in a well lit room and whilst he was playing, it said a second player had signed on. Now, he was the only one in the room and he wasn’t connected to the internet or anything. It was there for a while and then it eventually started playing and scoring pretty well. It freaked my brother out a lot. They’ve been experiencing other strange goings on aside from the xbox in their house. Seeing as it’s pretty common though, I think maybe it’s the xbox getting confused. Almost like it expects to be played with all the time when it’s on, so it kind of starts making up shapes and hoping it’s a player.

  23. It really is an popular topic, i have had Kinect now myself for a good while now both connected up to PC and XBOX360. In my observations, haven’t seen these kind of experiences as yet.
    However whilst reading the feeds of strange goings on across the world, came upon strange photography being captured by stationary infra-red cameras. Kinect uses an Infra-Red camera.

    Which is where there may be a connection what is being photographed is apparently UFOs and floating spheres in 3dimensional space that are invisible to the naked eye.

    Infra Red telescope reveals an alledged “cloaked” moving craft.
    This article quotes the original poster as a user on skeptical-analysis discussion site Above Top Secret

    ESA the European Space Agency expresses puzzlement to what they are.

    Here is a link to Unexplained Mysteries piece on the subject, along with an alledged video. The comments to the piece are skeptical of its nature.

    A man from Melbourne has recently uploaded a video clip of his UFO sighting using an infrared camera. The film reveals an eerie show of lights not visible to the naked eye.

    According to Eyewitness and video-taper Kevin McCracken “I was alone for the recent video. My wife was in the house. From my own observations on previous nights I could not see these craft without the IR (infrared).”
    There is a observational analysis breakdown of times, distance, time, number, speed

    Whilst this could indeed put this in a different ball as it were, the principal of unseen figures and unseen craft only visible in infra red raises some interesting questions.

  24. People need to try communicating with the ghosts through gestures some how like one wave for “yes” and two waves for “no” three for “I don’t know”.

  25. This has happened to me on several occasions while playing Dance Central. I work out to the game every morning and probably 7 or 8 times in the past year, the camera picks up a figure sitting on the sofa behind me. Evidently, it doesn’t want to join in, but just watches. It is smallish, about 3 feet tall, but clearly has a head. It does creep me out and I have started telling it to go away when it appears, that I like to exercise in private. Sometimes it disappears when I ask, other times, like today, it doesn’t disappear until I grab a pillow and swing it through the area where it is sitting.
    I was wondering if it was just some sort of Kinect video anomaly, but now that I’ve googled it, I see others are experiencing the same things I am. Creepy.

  26. Last night, I was watching Netflix with my mother. We are used to the Xbox pausing, playing and stopping on it’s own — mainly figuring that it is picking up buzz words from the videos we are watching. Well last night, the Netflix paused. I went for the remote to press play, and the hand gesture symbol showed up. Umm… this is a first. I looked at my mom to see if she was moving, and she wasn’t. Something else that was odd– the black box that is the lower right hand corner wasn’t there. So I couldn’t check to see where it was picking up the gesture from. I figured it just accidentally caught my movement, so I had the remote in my hand ready to turn it off and the hand went CRAZY moving around on the screen. I looked at mom again thinking she was messing with me and she looked scared too. Freaked out, I turned off the xbox and tried to go to bed, but it took me several hours to fall asleep, hearing every crick and movement of the house. Yuck.

    • I have had the same experience since I got the Xbox One and especially when I am watching Netflix, this random hand shows up and starts moving everywhere on the screen, sometimes pausing or reversing or forwarding playback. And we look at where it’s picking it up, and nothing is moving. Going to start keeping track of when this happens and where. Good to know I am not the only one.

  27. So, this is also my issue. I use the xbox to work out at 5am, and like clock work xbos displays “new player detected, it’s always to the right of me, it’s a figure with a head and a body, on the screen, I turn no one’s there, this happens everytime I’m playing, that is so freaky, but I just keep playing and it appears several times while I’m playing. What is that?

  28. I am going to attempt to apply some logic and sense to this weirdness and madness, i will start by saying i DO NOT own an Xbox one so cannot confirm anything.
    on of the posts mentions reflection, could it be possible that the occurrences are merely cause due to a reflection/refraction of light where both original and reflection are being picked up by the 3d sensors, this would explain most things EXCEPT that the sensors also use thermal, that, i’m truly trying to explain … i have now re-read most comments so far on the topic and most have one think in common, Dance Central, this may only be because dance central relies on kinect but maybe the act of fast motion dancing and heat from dancing is too much for kinect so it detects anomalies?

    my problem is is that i know this does not solve every case and i cannot further attempt to explain this until i experience it myself (which unfortunately i won’t because i have zero intention of playing Dance Central).

    i WOULD like to think that kinect has definitivly found ghosts but it simply is not possible

    • It is possible. Anything is possible. My girlfriend and I whitenessed a small child standing next to me on the screen while the infrared was on the kinect. Our child was asleep in the other room. I believe as we both saw with our own eyes. Of course no one would buy into this until they actually see for themselves. Was the craziest thing of my life and will never forget.

  29. I try to remain skeptical and apply logic for myself as I will only 100% believe in ghosts etc with physical evidence. My daughter has complained of seeing a shadowman over several years watching her, although I want to believe her I need to see myself. There have been things I can’t explain happen but I do not dwell on it and try to reassure her she is safe. Tonight when she left the room after dancing on just dance 3, when she came back we both noticed the camera adding a 2nd player, it remained for several minutes and we saw the shadow of a head on the screen, it seemed to move side to side several times and we both waved our hands around trying to see if this had an effect on the movement but did not. Because of her shadowman I asked her to take pictures with her phone, unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to see the shadow on the screen but it did capture a couple of strange light anomalies in the room which moved towards her and past out the room. We have both taken several pictures of the same area trying to recreate it. I was also so caught up in the fact she saw the light moving on her phone I didn’t notice that the 2nd player had also dissappeared from the xbox even though neither of us had moved. I came online tonight to try and find out if the kinect has faults and does this regularly, but I found this site. I hope she can sleep tonight and am trying not too make this a big deal.

    • Forgot to mention I have a house rabbit, who also appears to see things and gets herself flustered and scared over seemingly nothing there.

  30. My son saying the Kinect is detecting something in one corner of our living room
    He often said that our dog always staring that corner too
    One time very late at night I’m watching tv by my self
    And out of nowhere the Kinect hand showed up in one corner and start doing circular motion
    I’m on a couch Kinect can’t even see me
    This got me curious to what my son said
    One night my son, my daughter and I decided if Kinect can detect something else
    After looking the tv, & setting the Kinect in a different mod ,just after 5 minutes or more of waiting we saw a black ball or a grayish ball moving on in the screen in a circular pattern up in the air
    It’s creepy

  31. I’m finding it a little bit odd that with all these claims of strange photos their Kinect has taken, why is there not a single one posted? Is anyone actually going to SHOW any of this evidence, or just go the normal route of: “I have an actual picture of a ghost, but I’m sure none of you want to see that so I’ll just tell you about it and not post it.” Motion sensing technology can have glitches and hiccups. Go into your Xbox system memory and show some of these pictures already. Here you go:

    A lot of those lucky people who managed to get a Kinect Sensor and games for Christmas have been asking how you retrieve the photo’s that were taken of you whilst playing specific Kinect games (namely Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Adventures).

    Well it is extremely simple and I am going to show you how.

    – First you need to make sure you have an Xbox LIVE enabled profile and that you have Kinect Sharing set to ‘Allowed’.

    – Then you need to go find the in-game menu of the game you wish to upload photo’s of and find the area that let’s you upload photo’s, they can usually be found on the main menu.

    – Find the photo’s you wish to upload and select the Upload option, go ahead and upload each of the photo’s you want.

    – Next on your Computer, go to

    – Find the game you want to retrieve the images from and click it.

    Does anyone feel like providing a little more than hearsay to these Kinect paranormal claims?

    • Hi Rich, I am really glad you have highlighted this. Likewise I have Kinect (360/PC), cannot say I have any strange experiences. Clearly many have, unfortunately kinect takes snapshots rather than animation of the experiences people are reporting.
      Would be interesting to know if xboxone owners are exhibiting similar occurrences.

      • The people commenting saying they have captured figures and orbs in these snapshots haven’t posted them, that’s all I’m saying. I know there isn’t a way to capture the video of a phantom player being detected by the Kinect, but what about the person saying that they have snapshots that show a figure crawling toward them on the floor? Why is nobody posting actual evidence of things that they are claiming they have documented? Pull those snapshots off the console and show them!

  32. I don’t believe this due to the sheer number of posts about it with no proof to back it up.. I’d say perhaps Kinect could be useful for paranormal detectives. I’d love to see results of the Kinect in a home that is known to be haunted.

    My Kinect has never done or shown anything odd like people here are suggesting. It’s glitched out and done the crazy hands thing. I was even able to replicate the thing nutting out a couple times. After a hard reset everything was back to normal (hold down power button for 10 seconds). It’s a newer piece of tech, so the software is still fresh as well.

  33. Have the Xbox One. I have set up 2 profiles for myself and my GF Sandra. Last week my GF goes to bed. I decide to have a quick go. I prefer to play with the lights off. So there i am playing Ryse. Then the xbox comes up with “Hi Sandra” on the screen as im playing. Scared the crap out of me. She’s upstairs? No-one else in the room. With this i promptly turn off the Xbox. Its happened twice now. Just me in the room but says Hi to my GF who is not there.. Weird… Any ideas?? Thanks.

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  35. Hey people, I just thought i’d mention my weird ass experience with the xbox one kinect. I haven’t really felt the same since but anyway’s I left my kinect on with xbox setting to instant on which leaves the kinect on. when I was sleeping this energy field popped out from the kinect went into my chest and all of these white number’s were pulled out of my chest then out of my head continued to float around my entire body like a bunch of codes or like a ton of number’s I remember trying to grab them and I think pulled them back into my body or at least tried really not sure wtf happend but ever since I feel like something was missing or like I was scanned like a fuck’n bar code it was so messed I was in a sleep paralysis state makes no sense.
    Strange just talking about this made me feel more like me again has anyone else experienced anything similar or am I alone in this.

  36. I should add ever since that happen’d I left it unplugged, dunno maybe I was just abducted by aliens or something lol.
    Why is my icon on the left pink how do I change it?

  37. There is a pretty creepy video on youtube of a kinect silloutte creeping behind this guy in his room.

    You should definitely check it out if your sceptical still.

    I dont even own a kinect but im convinced that it can see hings we cant

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  39. I just came on here to see if others have had similar issues to mine. I bought my Kinect almost a year ago and yesterday was the first time I had an issue. I started to play the game that comes with it…the Raging Rapids, or whatever it’s called…and I was just the guy avatar, didn’t care to change it because I didn’t have much time to play (I’m a female and usually pick a female avatar) and anyhow, suddenly there was a blonde avatar playing next to me. And she sucked! 😉 It freaked me out. She kept her head mostly to the side and had one arm flail up above her head and then down and the other kept flailing a little upwards to her side and down…she looked like a zombie from a horror movie. 😉 I got a little unnerved and yelled to my husband and said, ‘I think I have a ghost playing with me!’ and he was kind of freaked out and said, ‘I’ll just unplug it for you!” And I was like, ‘NOOO! This is COOL! I want to see what happens!” 😉 So, I played another game and she was still there, screwing me up, though. So, I finally just shut the game off and turned it back on and she was gone. I just assumed it was a glitch, so I came online to see if others had this happening. I’d like to think it’s a ghost!! 😉 And, after reading these posts, I think I’m going to try just putting it on and to see if anything comes on the screen as an experiment, now. I didn’t read all the entries yet…but…from what I’ve read…it sounds like there might be something to it. Of course, I’m one of those crazy people who loves to believe in ghosts. 😉

  40. I fell asleep watching Netflix, I woke up to the Xbox being on home page and the Kinect box picking up a reddish dot shadow and transparent arrows sliding across my screen saying ” I recognizable profile”. It freaked me out! Has anyone expirienced this before??

  41. What software is used?
    I saw an episode Paranormal Lockdown.
    I could see the notebook, there was a software “… Kinect …” in the tank. And “Adobe Captivate”, as a screen recorder.
    Is there better software with more features and recording at the same time?
    Ideal would be for Android. Also Windows RT (cheaper tablets).

    In another episode they might have different hardware.
    Instead of the usual monochrome representation, the walls etc. were colorful.
    Also a Kinect, or other hardware and software? Asus Xtion (expensive …)?

    What are the minimum requirements for using the Kinect on the PC?
    Which processor, how much Mhz, how much RAM, what version of Windows …?
    An old netbook or Sony UX mini-PC or …?

    • Is there a software for Linux? There a “driver”, but also software?
      And what is the cheapest suitable computer on a stick?

      • Like yourself Tobias I’m a prodominate linux user. Theres software called OpenKinect however the best support does/did come from MS who created ‘Kinect for Windows’ after the OpenKinect open source become so popular.
        There’s a full API

  42. Hi, I actually just experienced something “different” with my Xbox 360 Kinect. I have the Kinect connected all the time, so I am certain that what just happened is not something that has happened before. I was browsing through the menu of the Xbox. I started to notice that there was a flickering on the little window for the sensor. I look down, and see a bright round light in the background. I turn around, thinking it was just sensing my cat on the couch (but thinking it a bit odd it would sense her so brightly), but she wasn’t there. I turned back to look at the window again and see that the big orb as now split into two and they are doing a sort of swaying dance back and forth with each other. I didn’t think to snap a picture until I had clicked onto an icon. I quickly went back to the home menu, but the orbs where now gone. ….my main question is: are orbs a good or bad omen? I know that the supernatural is at there, I am at peace with it, but have thus far closed myself off from seeing it (though feeling a supernatural presence still happens at times). Final thought: from their location in the sensor window, these orbs had to be about a foot in diameter each.

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