Stone Circles. Have you been to any or many?

All across the world numerous monuments and circles made of stone stir our imagination to the wonders of our ancestors.

Gotta few questions for you.

Have you been to any? If so, what was it for and how did you feel? Did you touch the stones? Did you have any experiences in and around the monuments/stones?

Would you mind sharing your experiences?



One response to “Stone Circles. Have you been to any or many?

  1. Yeah, a few. I like stone circles. But if you’re looking for “when I touched the stone, I felt a jolt of spiritual energy and I was instantly transported into the distant past, where I spent a month communing with the builders of the monument, but then I found that only a few minutes had passed in our time line” then you’re not getting it. I’m not that kinda dude!

    Stonehenge: Fantastic when I visited it as a kid, when they still let you walk amongst the stones. As a grown-up, disappointed. Smaller than I remembered. Full of tourists. Big fence. Easily visible lorries trundling along the nearby A road. Absolutely no chance of grabbing a few minutes to ponder the mysteries that surround it.

    Temple Wood (Argyll): Managed to miss this one completely. Got to the right area, spotted some standing stones in a field, and assumed they were it. Later found out they hadn’t been. Nice stones. Bit muddy.

    Arbor Low (Peak District): Deep barrows with fallen stones, reached through the nearby farmyard. Not spoiled by loads of visitors – just three of us there. Would like to go again, at night.

    Avebury: Excellent. A whole village inside a stone circle. Real atmosphere if the weather is right. You know, like, just before a storm or something. Nearby Silbury Hill is a fascinating thing, must’ve been a real bugger to build, etc, but isn’t actually anything special to look at. It’s just… you know… a big artificial hill.

    Castlerigg (Lake District): Great surroundings. Disappointing circle. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood.

    Ring of Brodgar / Stones of Stenness (Orkney): Now you’re talking! Proper ancient stone circle set in a proper, barren, windswept landscape, with other monuments from the same era visible in the distance. It hasn’t been heavily excavated, so there may be untold things beneath your feet. Not heavily visited by tourists, so you might well be the only one there if out-of-season. You’ve got sea. You’ve got rock. You’ve got heather and bracken. You’ve often got a mixture of brooding black clouds and streaming sunshine. You’ve got a view essentially unchanged since the ring was constructed. The carved gaffiti is interesting – some of it is fairly modern, but some of it is runic. Good place to sit and contemplate whatever it is that you fancy contemplating. If I was the type of guy to get teleported into the past, this is where it’d happen. Then go and see Maes Howe and Skara Brae.

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