The curious case of Gary T. Wilcox and the close encounter with beings learning about agriculture and farming.

The fascinating case of Gary T. Wilcox comes from 1964, it is a story I read during my early days of research. It was at one time a frequently referenced case which has been forgotten to passage of time. A view of a popular website, saw the story brought back to the light. Which we will now revisit. 

In the Spring month of April the year 1964, a dairy farmer called Gary T. Wilcox claimed to have noticed a ‘shining’ object from across the fields and took a walk over to see what the illuminated object was. As he got closer, he thought initially was a car and then an perhaps aircraft part. It became quite apparent that he was seeing a large egg-like object floating ‘2 feet off the ground.’  Dumbfounded by what he was beholding he reached out to touch the object and wondered what in the world it was? At the moment to his side appeared to figures, humanoid in shape and began talking to him.

They each carried a silver tray with a piece of turf on top. In his account, his first thoughts were that he was on TV for Candid Camera which was very popular at the time and that a big hoax was happening. It wasn’t until the encounter was over, he was expecting someone to pop out and say “Smile, you’re on candid camera”. Which, of course never happened.

The first thing I noticed was that it was off the ground, it was a little bigger than a car in length.  It was an oblong shape something like an egg. There were no seams, rivets or anything like that. It was completely smooth. It was aluminum color. I touched the thing and the metal was harder than aluminum and it did not move. I don’t know whether it was on legs or hovering in the air. It was about 20 ft. in length, 4 ft. high and 15 or 16 ft. wide. While (I was) feeling it there was no vibration or sound and it was not hot or anything. While I was touching it, two small men  about 4 ft. high came out from under the object. I don’t know where they came from. Each of them was carrying a tray about a foot square. The tray looked like it was made of the same stuff the ship was made of. Inside the tray was what appeared to be sod (turf).

The two figures then introduced themselves beginning with…“Don’t be alarmed! We’ve spoken to people before.”

As the account goes, the conversation went on for around an hour and half and covered a number of interesting topics. They asked of Gary’s work as a farmer and asked him how he went about growing food. He explained what farming and agriculture was, they also inquired about fertilizer. So Gary being the neighbour of the intergalactic kind, offered them a bag of fertilizer, which they took.

The figures as revealed in the radio interview were about 4’ tall and had no features at all. Due to them being inside what Gary describes as a “uniform.” which covered them completely, so no features were discernible.  An artists impression of his strange visitors.

In the radio interview, Usually the references of this story describe they are from Mars. He says that they tell him when he asked where they came from. They replied with “we are from what you know”. And they spoke of it in a third person.

Wilcox 28, when he worked on the dairy farm. He went to have a successful career with IBM as a line manager, retired in 1992. Then went on to run a construction firm in his local town. Wilcox hasn’t added to the account or courted publicity. Just told it as it is, made no money, attracted very little fame or notoriety. Sounds like a guy who had just had a flirt with the Twilight Zone. There has been investigations into the account and interviews by the likes of Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, and the magazine Flying Saucer Review. I believe I first read this story in an ancient Fortean Times and subsequently a hardback book discussing close encounters, however the title eludes me.

The interview with Gary T. Wilcox as an MP3 is available to download here – 

and also has been added to a Youtube clip montage with the interview in full and is available here

Source: – The location where the reminder was of the curious case  of Gary T. Wilcoxs encounter.


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