The unravelled truth behind – the Elenin / dark object / signal sending conumdrum

Recent news coupled with reports and information, plus eye witness encounters from respectable members of society. Lead to an awe-inspiring tantalizing conclusion. Lets summary and give you the opportunity to play investigator of the sources. As we have had to pull apart fact from fiction here, what is left is something even more intriguing.

How it started

The China Space Agencys leading astrophysicist Dr Xi Laing of MIT was quoted by Prof. Sergio Toscano from a report published in April at a lecture entitled “A Night Under the Stars” at the Convention Center, Posadas.  Which is a monthly meeting of leading astronomers, scientists, astrophysicists and so on. This one happened to be the Yury Gagarin tribute to commemorate the 50 years since the first man in space and talk of the comet Elenin. The report gave talk on an strange object they are monitoring which is near planet Saturn.  that they have been recording an intelligent signal from a dark object near the planet Saturn and the report says that they have been monitoring it closely for 90 days and that the dark body is in the same place, and officials say appears to be that there has been derived from an extraterrestrial civilization. Dr Xi Liang who commented that the signal is being repeated in sequences of two minutes and plays the four bases of the genetic code of DNA!  [Quoted from Professor Sergio Toscano’s blog]

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. Heres where it gets twisted – seriously twisted. You will have to go on the ride of explanation to see the true story underneath it all.

This evening of lectures and information has been one of the most misquoted over the last month, giving rise to terrible speculation and ultimately could cause another Heavens Gate tragedy. Prof Toscano had to publicly address this misquotation on May 6th to his blog. He had been misquoted by a number of news sources “Misiones Online” on its Web site and the “Chronicle newspaper” of Buenos Aires, which gave rise to the incorrect information that a craft was travelling behind the comet – “I did not say that the cluster [behind] was a giant alien spacecraft”. Basically the news publication merged together the stories of the signal and the comet.

Elenin which is to make a close earth pass towards end of the year, then it is to sling shotted back out into the solar system by the sun. As we are in the business of discerning fact from fiction, Lets set another aspect straight in regards to Elenin. Elenin is not code for ELEnin. E.L.E. is indeed the term for Extinction Level Event. The asteroid of 65million years ago is classified as an E.L.E. which is exactly what it did, it cleared the earth of most of the species and lifeforms present, which allowed over time for others to flourish. There is evidence there has been 6 E.L.Es in Earths history, and its not a case of, “if another will occur” it really is a case of when.

Many soothsayers and prophesiers have been bringing doom and gloom to the internet and beyond claiming Elenin means E.L.E.nin. When the reality is much simplier, it was the Russian astronomer, Leonid (Y)Elenin, of the Institute of Applied Mathematics “Keldish”, who discovered December 10, 2010, when it was close to Jupiter, moving on an inbound vector bound for the inner solar system. This new comet entitled C/2010 X1 (dubbed Comet Elenin). According to Chronicle newspaper and a number of websites/blogs which have duplicated the info, citing it as truth and posted it out to read. state that NASA confirmed Elenin and the object with strange signals behind it and that this was apparently announced by Rosie Redfield, the apparent director of the Program of NASA’s Astrobiology. Which was then removed. Which fueled the threads and conversations, with screams of “cover up”, and more doom and gloom.

Theories that this comet has other potential truths are also running wild, as it has been tied to a couple of other titles including Nibiru and Planet X (ten). It has an incredibly long elliptical orbit of around 3,600 years stretching beyond Plutos range and passes in the inner solar system. The same claimed by the believers in the concept of Nibiru and Planet X theories, whose claims are decades old. When considering the factor that Elenin has these same orbit/time characteristics, who have to wonder where they obtained this information as it wasn’t until Dec 10th 2010 was Elenin was officially discovered, and a few days later when they had the trajectory data.

Nibiru and Planet X, both of these carry enormous unfounded claims but an important message of note. This exo body that is whizzing around our system was a complete fantasy along with its orbit according to many, until Elenin was confirmed in the December.

Like any good extended joke… the punchline clincher is at the end.

The article quoted by the ASA Professor Sergio Toscano at the Lecture, the article that was put forward that Dr Xi Liang on China’s Xinhua News Agency revealed about the signals being received from an external “dark body” near Saturn, sending out the universal genetic DNA information of U C A and G, plus data of sequencing. The article was a complete APRIL FOOLS JOKE! Originated by the Daily Galaxy online newspaper. Written so well and presented brilliantly, so brilliantly it deserves to be read and seen.

On April 2nd a little foot note appeared [Editor’s Note: This post is an April Fools’ entry, a day of fun and when many of the major US media sites, such as Google, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and The Daily Galaxy create fictional articles that appear real]

So the sequence of events is as follows and the thus the secret revealed!

1 – The Daily Galaxy – publishes the April Fools day joke – of a article – stated about Dr Li Xiangs China Space Agency data, which also contains information cross threaded with truths and quotes of notable space scientists. (Hence brilliantly done… albeit with a a number of spelling mistakes)

2 – ASAs Professor Sergio Toscano – at the monthly meeting ” A night under the stars” and anniversary celebrating the 50th year since Yury Gagarin, they watched some films gave some talks and Sergio quoted from the article above, which to his eyes appeared genuine.

3 – Conversation and talks of the discovery, and information of the path of Elenin,

4 – 2 news agencys – “Misiones Online”and the “Chronicle newspaper” report on this and misquote, effectively merging the stories of a dark object transmitting intelligent data with the story of Elenin. Misquotes such as when he is talking about the clusters behind the object… he on his blog in his attempt to fangle whats going on, says Clusters are to do with stars not trailing debris of the comet. Clusters become interwoven in being the “dark object” trailing behind. and “giant alien spacecraft” another misquote.

5 – It goes pretty much viral, that an alien spacecraft is following the comet and is coming close to the Earth.

6 – Various raging stories are rife now, that Elenin gravitation pull is causing the Earthquakes,

7 – That Elenin is a brown dwarf star with high gravitational density. A trait transfered from the Nibiru myth.

On May 8th Dr Don Yeomans of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, gave these facts.

“Comet Elenin will not influence us in some way here on Earth,” Yeomans said. “Elenin will come as close to Earth as 35 million kilometers [about 22 million miles].”, “And the comets are not the densest objects that exist. In general, they have the density of something like dirt ice press or.

“It will have an immeasurable influence on our tiny planet. In comparison, my subcompact car exerts a greater influence on ocean tides than Elenin will be committing.”


3 responses to “The unravelled truth behind – the Elenin / dark object / signal sending conumdrum

  1. Given the paranoia out there about Planet X and 2012, the newly discovered comet with a coincidental name (containing ELE), the storms on Saturn not long after the comet passed and the earthquakes near the comet alignments with Earth and Sun, I think this gag by the Daily Galaxy shows that they are a bunch of complete ****ing morons, and should be charged with some sort of crime.

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