Journal submission research article/project: “Just what are investigators really doing?”

One of the data research projects we have under way at the moment is discovering how and what paranormal investigative and ghost hunting teams do. We have been in contact with a number of teams who we hope will participate in our data gathering survey. You could say in many ways this is a press release of our intention and why

We will endeavor by way of questionnaire and survey, look to learn the conduct, methodology and working principals of active investigators and groups in the field of paranormal investigation. Going on a ghost hunt at a location with “x” event organizers, that is apparently haunted. Is this really investigating the unexplained?
Do groups use the process of elimination, if so, do groups have structured guide for this? Do groups participate in active research of anomalous phenomena? Do groups keep up to date on developments and news? Is the aim to become a business selling events and tours as many have done? Do “paranormal” groups actually look into other areas of the unexplained besides ghosts? What equipment do groups actually have apparent success with? Have they published their findings? Do groups communicate with separate investigation teams to compare documentation and gathered data?

With the most important question is – What are we actually doing to document and prove the paranormal?

These are just a few examples of the questions that get raised the most often. We are going to discover of the investigation organizations and groups that participate and respond – just what investigators are really doing?

Paranormal Network.


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