Presentations – up, coming and the topics involved.

As you may have learned we have recently become members of the Archeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association.

We have a number of presentations coming up on the subject and related fields.

Nottinghamshire Empryean in January. With a fantastic presentation (which we have literally spent months conducting research, verifying sources and investigation) the topic being quite expansive from ancient myths, legends, earth mysteries, the culture of the Tuhatha de denann, migration of ancient people, good science, Egypt pharaohs, sunken islands, the connection of gods to particular sites in the British Isles, and many surprises!

Each and every person who attends will get a list of all sources to verify, double check and give those with an interest the direct lines to go investigate further!

In February, we are attending the NPN monthly meeting as a guest at the Lincolnshire Poacher presenting a discussion and talk on “Enigmas – places and people that defy explanation”. Which will continue the conversations of the Empryean presentation and delve also into mystic places and stories that while entirely based in fact astound, amaze and defy explanation.
Wednesday 4th Jan 2012 To be held at the Theosophical Hall, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham
Wednesday 9th Feb 2012 To be held Lincolnshire Poacher, Mansfield Road.


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