One has to wonder…

We have reached out to over 250 parnormal/unexplained/ghost hunting investigative groups, teams and organizations worldwide since early September. When the project entitled WIRGOOT was officially launched at the ASSAP 30 conference event (and also possibly ranks up there as one of the most nerve racking moments of my life) and a big thanks again to Dave Wood and the ASSAP organization for allowing us to use the platform.
The intention was to gather data and information from teams regarding their practices in the field and how they collect, record and review their findings.
To create an researched article for submission to the annual Anomaly journal.

Would you believe of the 250 or so, groups approached and contacted.
There was a dozen responses of positive yeah sure count us in. And as of today the total  responses which have completed the online survey form i quite literally can count on one hand.
Which for a time, i took almost personally.
But in seeing the greater perspective, this is actually quite an interesting view of the current state of affairs in the paranormal community.
Of which the data and information or rather the lack of it, creates the basis of another article. Taking the negative and flipping it on its head into a positive.

Kristian Lander.


One response to “One has to wonder…

  1. That’s too bad….I think it would be great to have such a collection of information about that topic. Personally, I do not go ghost hunting because I collect them without any effort at all. I must be some kind of ghost beacon or something. In fact, I wrote in my book, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium, that I even managed to collect a ghost that had followed a ghost hunter from the weekend before. It turned my lamp on twice before I chastised it because I was trying to sleep. When I told the ghost hunter about it, he just said, “Sorry…sometimes that happens. They follow me home and then jump to someone they find more spiritually open.”

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