Passing off what is not yours… as yours.

Here is a scenario many who follow the weird, strange and wonderful will no doubt by familiar with. When you meet and get talking to an individual and they have something to show you often citing it as “proof” or indeed as a sort of trophy or achievement. It bemusing as to how many separate people have shown me this image citing it as their own (or) knowing the person who took it and the location.

It is quite a remarkable photograph in of itself. But sadly the legitimacy of the claim that comes with it, proves to always be a sour spot in conversation. When you start probing with the questions. lol. As would love to know more about it. However today marks the 4th time I have received this photo – hence the blog post. The claim that this was taken in their friends house just a month or so ago. The contact said it was actually her camera that was used! …Hmm :S indeed! (Same claim as the second person).

Considering this pic has been floating around the internet for at least 5 years, if not longer and attaching the file to an email and the leaving the filename of “unbelievable_ghost_photo_56” is just very silly. This does much to the credibility of said individual, who will I’m sure be reading this.

It would be rude and improper to put their name and title of their ghost hunting group… as tempting as it might be.
Integrity is a key factor in this game, this kind of action is not going to do anything for reputation. If it is trying to make an impression, then this is a terrible way to go about it.

Advice would have to be don’t pass off what isn’t yours, it could lead to embarrassment. :S Remember whatever does not belong to us and we take it without permission or prior asking that is actually stealing. or not to acknowledgement the source at the very least. Raise your hand up, be honest and say you know what “O.K. you know what? that was silly of us. Lets go get our own”.


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