Dr Armen Victorian – Mind Controllers book just arrived. Worked at ASDA, Hyson Green.

Dr Armen Victorian… a enigmatic individual linked with the Ministry of Defence, the CIA and in particular mind and behaviour control experiments. Who happened to work briefly as it seems at ASDA in Hyson Green, Nottingham. His book Mind Controllers published by Vision press a few years ago came through my door yesterday.

2011-12-06 22.24.04 

How this person who went by the pseudonim “Henry X” came to be known tp me, is when a chat with a colleague name dropped him in conversation, then he explained that he worked at the store. He asked me to go find out more information, which I did. I had heard of Henry X but nothing more than a passing name in various files and articles regarding ufology some years before. Armen Victorian had history with the Ministry Of Defence, Central Intelligence Agency and many high level intelligence organizations. He is allegedly known to have people on the inside of the government and private agencies, leaking information as it were, which according to website henryxfiles had him brought up in court on treason charges, afterwards he couldn’t secure work – however ASDA did.


Armen Victorian is actually someone who has put more requests in with the Freedom of information act in US and Great Britain, more than anyone else in the world.

He discovered and has published dossiers on experimentation of pregnant women, school children, prisoners and military veterans who have been subjected to exploitation and has assembled documented proof of their occurrence and initiation.

The book “Mind controllers” covers many of these documents many of which involve remote viewing, psychokinetics, telepathy training which the CIA and British Intelligence became heavily involved with, after discovering during the Cold war Russia was researching the fields of parapsychology and mind control.

I am going to be reading this pretty much from today. and will give you my views of the book when i have done.

Kristian Lander.


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