Can ghost vigils be made more useful? (An ASSAP blog repost/share)

Nearly a decade of intensive ghost vigils have not produced compelling evidence on the true nature of ghosts or hauntings (see yesterday). So could they be improved to become more useful?

One reason for the nonappearance of compelling new scientific evidence about ghosts from all those vigils (that I didn’t mention yesterday) is that such experiences may be purely subjective. We know that ghost sightings caused by misperception and hallucination, which form a large proportion of those carefully investigated, are certainly subjective. Even those ghost sightings that may be caused by something paranormal could be subjective too. It has been proposed, for instance, that ghost sightings may be caused by telepathy or retrocognition.

So we need to consider the possibility that the nonappearance of unambiguous ghost recordings from all those ghost vigils might simply be because they are not actually possible! In that case, we will have to wait until it is possible to display and record what people are thinking, a technology which is not far away, to finally record ghosts….

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One response to “Can ghost vigils be made more useful? (An ASSAP blog repost/share)

  1. Considering the now standard vigil is part of virtually every ghost tour, spooky hunting tv show and investigators on location action. You would think after this length of time there would be more to show from such a practice.

    Is it because most ghost hunting groups whether commercial or private are just mirroring what they’ve seen on TV and rarely go beyond to try and prove the existence of the supernatural. Shouldn’t it be in every groups and organizations mission statement that they are there to document evidence to prove that the phenomena being reported out there – is real?

    To be more practical and useful vigils should have a form of structure. This structure based on the accounts and information received, going into a place “blind” is not a good idea. I have heard of teams just going into woods or graveyards with the expectation of getting a ghost picture or sound recordings. But truly with no reason to be there, if there was however a big black spectral dog seen regular it’d make sense to be there in theory at least.

    Investigations should have a theory and a foundation, based on the reports. if said location is having footsteps upstairs when no one is there or a figure appearing to pass them the stroke of 8pm, It makes common sense logic to set your equipment up to record that kind of phenomena and vigil said area.

    Then the questions of what tech to take? sound recorders, infra red break beams, thermal cameras, CCTV set up, EMF meters. If any, and as we keep rolling back the questions, It does all feed back to the loop regarding vigils and the tech being used and for what purpose – the loop being as stated on Quote “Do ghosts really emit, or disturb, electromagnetic fields? Before we can answer that question, there is a more important one to be answered. Are EMF meters even capable of demonstrating that ghosts emit EM fields? And before we can answer that question, we need to ask – do ghosts even cause hauntings?”

    So should the vigil just be then, you and a piece of paper to record anything. Actually thats how they first started.

    The evidence gathered by equipment isn’t just for taking ghost pictures and such. It should be being utilized in reverse of this – in a sense to gather evidence on what it isn’t.

    Taking pictures of secured windows and doors, then putting in place a recording camera to document these aren’t being tampering. Then conducting a vigil in that area.

    Like in experiments have a designated “controller” someone is isn’t partaking in the experiments/vigils but is an observer to make sure said area are secure, no interference, organizer of a period of radio silence no admittance of anyone else to said area, making sure is it a testing area and so on.

    Just a couple of simple ways to improve the vigils to potential stronger data.

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