The Paranormal Network supports the protest against SOPA.

The SOPA acts goes against everything the internet stands for and its future.
The internet is the last stand of freedom of speech, expression and peoples voices against tryanny. If i wish to mention the word “google” or “the new york times” potentially just the mere mention of the word without permission and copyright fees paid, is enough to have your websites, blogs removed. Even your very access to the internet recinded completely. By laws no-one wants wants, no one agreed with. In the illusion of protecting data.
This is an outright step to complete draconian law by corperations and is politically motivated by people behind the scenes of governments who share seats on the boards of these mega companies.

Its maybe that Paranormal Network isnt large enough of its own for people to take notice, but unless we all show support and community to the likes of wikipedia, reddit, yahoo and the many others that are, we do not accept of want SOPA.


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