Did a UFO crash in Hucknall in November 1987?

The alledged crash took place on the date of November 12th 1987, whilst most people were asleep in bed. The silence of the night was shattered in the early hours after a thunderball tore through homes in Kirkby in Ashfield. Freak weather was blamed at the time, but since the event multiple witnesses have come forward. Certainly something highly sensitive and inexplicable happened that night. Windows of 13 houses were blown out, chimney stacks fell from roofs, severe damage to buildings due to an airborne collision were reported.

First hand reports of military activity in the area of the A60 known as Thieves wood, closing off of roads, implementation of armed guards, systematic questioning of locals. People were stopped in their cars, by a road block near Annesley and told they could go no further as a helicopter had come down in the local woods. Other witnesses had snippets of information an object of intense light was trying to avoid built up areas and was veering south towards the Hucknall airfield.

A regular bus driver of the A60 route at the time recalls the time very well. Dominic Beglin of the East Midlands UFO Research association held a public talk and discussion regarding the UFO Crash in 1997, in Basford. Mr Beglin quoted an Ashfield district councillor “God only knows how no one was killed, it was like the blitz” during his talk. Witnesses at the time said the ball of light didn’t travel in a straight line witnesses claim to have seen in dive down and up again distinctly over the hills and lay of the land. Thieves wood has a number of tales of its own.

Reports of ghosts, apparitions, strange sensations… well this as you can imagine can only add to the list going on there and adding to the local lore.

Information lifted by cuttings from Hucknall Dispatch held at Hucknall Library/Local studies. A.Smith. East Midlands UFORA.

Collated by Kristian Lander

Here is a couple of shots in recent years of UFO reports and images in recent years.


6 responses to “Did a UFO crash in Hucknall in November 1987?

  1. Hi… It was nothing to do with Thieves Wood, and quite a distance from there… Not sure where you got that info from. It was Annesley Hall woods and the houses effected were on Forest Road. I actually remember the sound of the explosion and lived close to where it happened.

    • This bloke has obviosly NOT spoken to anyone who actually investigated this event. I understand that the Mansfield UFO Group did the original investigation which was run by Walter Blyth (probably deceaced now) and Les trueman.

      • Hi, do you know of any good places to research this incident? It’s always intrigued me, but seems hard to find any investigation on it

      • It was never one of our cases but the best place to look for any investigator that might have been involved would be from the old Mansfield UFO Group. I might still be able to get in touch with Les Trueman of Mansfield and then you could take it from there.

    • Hi
      Thank you for the information you have shared so far but please could you be more specific about what part of ‘Forest road in KIrkby in Ashfeld’ this was, as it’s a very long road. Was this the only road effected? Are you sure Thieves wood is definatly not connected to this event at all? If not, would you be able to clarify where the craft was when it apparently ‘bounced’ before crashing at Annesley hall. Was the area of the bounce in Annesley forest or some where else close by. I am getting alot of conflicting information about this event and would really like to try and document a uptodate version of the Event as accuratly as possible.

  2. Just to correct you, Dominic Beglin WAS NOT a member of EMUFORA. He was an independent visitor to our group for just one occasion and gave a lecture at one of our quartely meetings about this event – that’s all. We never endorsed his claim and his opinion is not that of EMUFORA (1990 – 1998) Anthony James. Founder of the East Midland UFO Research Association.

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