Scientific study confirms that near death experiences (NDEs) are caused by REM sleep.

18 OOBE Research Center volunteers were able to reproduce every detail of the out-of-body flight towards the light at the end of the tunnel described in reports of near-death experiences(NDE) at clinical death.

Study Objectives were to prove the implication of REM sleep in the occurrence of “near-death experiences” at clinical death by artificially reproducing near-death experiences during REM sleep.

In late January, OOBE Research Center specialists instructed four groups of volunteers in special procedures to perform during night and morning awakenings. Eighteen subjects consequently succeeded in artificially reproducing the exit from the body and flight through the tunnel towards the light experienced at clinical death. The experiment aimed to investigate the nature of near-death experiences.

This is the full method and experiment –

A comparative analysis demonstrated that the 18 experiment outcomes were fully consistent with a database of 2,900 actual near-death experiences. The experiment made use of the brief transitional state upon awakening that occurs when the mind has already woken up, but the body is still asleep. This state mimics that of the anesthesia-induced narcosis that the majority of near-death experiences occur in.

Head researcher Michael Raduga explained, “Our experiment finally makes it possible to re-evaluate the findings of near-death experience researchers like Dr. Raymond Moody. For the first time, we can not only collect and analyze near-death experiences, but also deliberately reproduce them. This achievement casts doubt on earlier theories regarding the nature of this phenomenon.”

In a similar manner, in 2011 the OOBE Research Center artificially reproduced the experience of alien abduction and several biblical miracles that had taken place in subwaking states. The Research Center was founded by Michael Raduga in 2007 to study the phenomena of out-of-body experience and conscious, or “lucid”, dreaming.


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2 responses to “Scientific study confirms that near death experiences (NDEs) are caused by REM sleep.

  1. Once again, scientists have proven something….just how far they will go to attempt to prove a negative! I am a retired science teacher so I am well versed on scientific protocol, etc. The method used to simulate NDE was completely off in left field! Let me summarize their method for you….Try to imagine a tunnel right before you wake up….NONSENSE! There is no way to correctly simulate what happens when a soul leaves its body. These scientists were attempting to prove that NDE’s do not really exist, thus they are trying to prove a negative. How many times must we watch this pathetic attempt. In these contexts, nothing exists that we cannot prove exists. Under this error of logic, bacteria and air did not exist until we could prove they did because we could not see them. We all know better. How many people were told, “If gorillas existed, we would have a skeleton” by scientists in the last century when told of encounters with gorillas by people on safari? We all know that gorillas do indeed exist. Just because we do not have direct hard evidence of something it does not mean it does not exist….it simply means that we have been too stupid to figure it out so far! Scientists should always keep an open mind. I realize that it is extremely tempting to test this phenomenon, but it cannot be tested with our current technologies. Go read my blog on NDE’s. What a tremendous surprise awaits these scientists when they really do die after believing the pseudoscience they just put out!

  2. This research is assuming that this because they could reproduce many of the aspects of those who have had an nde without being induced, are not themselves leaving their body behind. The research is flawed because one of the major components of many nde’s is an out of body experience. In those who have described obe’s the researches have confirmed the accuracy of the details of they have described.

    Nice try guys!

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