UFO recorded over Oregon last night. Quality footage too

(filmed & copyright by whotookmymojo)

A UFO flyover returning & moving along a similar flight path left to right through the valley. The array of lights towards the front of the craft seem to morph shape.

Whilst it’s not close to us and we can’t examine the footage ourselves – its certainly one of the more interesting videos in quite some time in the field of UFO footage. This video shot last night over Oregon shows what appears to be a craft over time changing shape whilst moving, which is a regularly reported. But the footage whilst handheld following the object, is good quality a decent original resolution.

We’ve asked the original uploader for details regarding the type of camera and the likes of the time this was observed.

The uploader clearly has an interest in UFOs and many of the videos on his/her channel are UFO related recorded from over the last 7 months. Oregon maybe a hotspot? Let us know your thoughts



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