Have a few articles in the works which are…

…ones that require some background research and structure going into them.

“Bringing the paranormal, down to ground level”  The intention is to explore areas of the unexplained and bring some rationale to them.

Extraordinary claims require extraodrinary evidence words spoken by Carl Sagan. Is quite simply the most honest and firm statement that we explorers of the unexplained, should hold as our beacon up to.

“What were our ancestors describing?”

We look at the accounts of our ancestors, from the recent past to the anicent ages where our forefathers wrote some incredible accounts of strange beasts, flying cities, beings with fantastical powers. Looking at the reports that are “off the beaten” track, of the usual examples.

Are paranormal investigators their own worst enemy? 

To their credit a number of groups and organizations have a sense of professional understanding, in their approach and the ethical stance they have in dealing with people, their residences and businesses’ with respect. Its a common topic with other researchers and investigators involved in areas of the unexplained, that most of the other groups are doing it badly. No wonder theres very little communication, is it a belief that no-one else is doing the right thing, so “we” should just continue doing “our” own thing. We are in the process of setting up some interviews with investigation teams for a informal chat about their views of the paranormal landscape.



One response to “Have a few articles in the works which are…

  1. Sylvia Wix is putting her head down to paper and the books. On hybrid creatures, that are not so well known but are recorded along with their actions in history

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