A proposition for something a little new



If there is one thing that is prevalent when you speak to any person interested and involved with the unexplained, mysteries and the paranormal, it is that of communication.
Open dialogue, discussion, critical thinking with a chance to address each other with our findings, promoting and supporting each others endevours.

There is a way for communication to grow, with multi-benefical effects for everyone that is positive, informative and entertaining? A regular organized venue. Where the exchange of information can be shared, discussed and put out for everyone to learn.
A regular ideally monthly structured day/evening with guest speakers, information from investigations can be openly discussed, reviewing and sharing evidence together. Inspired as by the likes of the TED Talks, Oxford Union debating society, Nottingham Empryean and similar.

Announcements, talks and presentations from across what we all do.

With a positive oppotunity to also be recorded, broadcast, possibility even live.

Why and what are the opportunities and benefits?

It is a chance to take the meetings out of the impersonal space like a pub, but not a formal setting such as a conference. It provides an opportunity to talk, discuss, present findings and information, coupled with a presentation or talk from a guest(s). A meridan between of an informal meeting and a relaxed professional atmosphere. Bringing together people.

As it is known what tends to happen to groups and individuals who have collected data. Is they are only viewed or examined by themselves or stuck in an album on facebook. This doesn’t help to develop the field we all have an interest in. Lets bring it out, have it seen and have them heard!

Currently outside of conferences, appearances and self promotion across social networks there isn’t many opportunities for those in the fields of interest to talk about their projects, data and findings in a public platform. From books, to dvds, events and such, can be promoted to a target audience. Leaflets, brochures, business cards and the likes can be distributed.

Give groups a chance to show findings present them to a larger group, for effective feedback and comments. A brilliant opportunity to learn and develop for all involved and participating. Those newly inspired delve into the subjects, can have the benefit of experience and suppo

As its a live venue as it were, its the benefit of a real people, talking to real people.

This would create more individuals, groups who are self critical of how they go about data gathering investigations and such are best conducted.

What would happen?
Currently this is the area for discussion from us all,

It would be great to see a host or chair as such, introduce the people and give a rundown of who will be speaking, what will be presented, cover announcements.

Groups have an chance to show their wares as it were, cover what they have been up to. Any “evidence” that can be shown, which can open up examination Q&A from the attendees, which would provide feedback supportive and critical.

This would be great for the likes of all levels of because those experienced, would be able to address and advise best practise. Inspiring productivity and best practice in groups, which could bring a better standard up from the grass roots.

Speakers could be from various disciplines and experiences, not just necessarily from just the unexplained fields. For example sound engineers or the likes of photographers would be able to give expert is which require consultation and discussion.wcñueenue,alue wnd stiostiostionaunduluinsight into taking photographs and sound recordings being aware of how anTomalies loccur. All fields of interest can be up foTo the widest number of people.
How can this be done

Logistically, there are key elements which need addressing before steps can be made productively into practice.

Up for thought as to whether the venue is static or moves around?
In the spirit of development, community and passion, we need to set out the logistical cost of running a regular event, hire of venue, guest speaker travel expense – perhaps a flat rater- promotion of equipment event.

Also equipment operation – which would require production person(s).

– Equipment

HD cameras, sound recording equipment, on site laptop/similar for relaying a web broadcast, editing &overlays
– production person(s). We already have many of these.  A lot of tools and practical are already in place.  To create a mutual inventory of those involved would be in the best interest of progression.

A reciprocal natured approach and mutual input. For the endeveour to the greatest expansion of knowledge is the aim.

Nature of the talks and presentations.

Ultimately cooperation, from people coming to participate and those willing to conduct talks and presentations. There are masses of projects in progress, media in production, those experienced in the field to give quality talks and presentations.



To hit the ground running with a high quality production will set the stage for more to come, there needs to be advertisement for people to come – local media, other expressive projects, online, social networking, word of mouth, flyers and maybe a information stand in a public place raising awareness. Which can come at a cost of time, input and finances.




Now you’ve heard our proposition, what are your views

To create a platform for discussion, debate and presentations that is accessible, interesting and vibrant – 

Would you like to be involved in production? Have time, experience and skills to add to the bow. Theres also lots of skills to be learned too! 


Feel free to leave a reply

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