Working in the podcast realm again

After some requesting of us to develop a new podcast or a radio like show covering more than just the unexplained but also the curious, compelling and concerning stories in the media which catch our eye for quite some time.
To be honest, it was like too many voices out there already and the messages getting lost in the audio conumdrum. Where is there room? Should there be another. There is plenty of podcasts and broadcasts out there. A number of quality productions, why be a new voice when you can strengthen ones already being heard. So It has been on a back burner as life took turns.
But further requests keep calling.

Even licensed music tracks from bands was offered to us for use.

So we’ve ran a couple of trial dry runs for set up. Studio in place, recording and internet VOIP connection all running well. Had some feedback from those who have heard the demos. Seems really good so far.

So why not. We as we said are looking to cover the spectrum of more than the unexplained that we presently cover, a social commentary of what we see of interest that deserves to be commentated, shared and known. TYT The Young Turks are a good example of what the aim is, but for a British audience.



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