Stone Tape Theory. Might it be more to do with light, magnetic fields and the mind?

Stone Tape Theory… might it be more to do with light, magnetic fields and the mind?

What is Stone Tape Theory?

Many paranormal investigators talk about the phenomena that is best described as a playback of events gone past. Somehow recorded in the very fabric of the environment and is played back much like a video. This type of haunting occurrence has been dubbed the Stone Tape Theory.

To illustrate this, a prime example would be the Roman legion who allegedly who emerged through a wall. Seen by apprentice plumber Harry Martindale, in the city of York in 1953 whilst installing a heating system in the Treasurers’ house. Stunned at the sight of a horse with a mounted soldier, followed by more soldiers carrying swords, shields and spears. Harry was always keen to say they appeared in his account to be walking on their knees. Not to his knowledge of the time, turned out about 15 inches/38 centimetres below the floor of the cellar was in fact a Roman road used for and leading to the Minster.  The ghosts walking on the familiar road and level of their knowledge unaware of the present change.

Recording ghosts can be associated with anniversary hauntings. phantom hitchhikers and phantom battle scenes in their nature. Where at a particular location allegedly on the same day every year or maybe another pattern occurrence such as a phase of the moon or stood in “x” place. Witnesses claim the experience repeats. Investigators perhaps should be staking these places out either to rule out the myth or to gain proof of its occurrence.

Sir William Barrett one of the initial founders of the Society Of Psychical Research spoke of recording ghosts. 

“In certain cases of hauntings and apparitions, some kind of local imprint, on material structures or places, has been left by some past events occurring to certain persons, who when on Earth, lived or were closely connected with that particular locality; an echo or phantom of these events becoming perceptible to those now living.”

How does the recording occur?

Looking at a number of the hauntings that are alleged to have occurred. Many ghosts appear to be going about their business as if still alive or at the moment of death. Monks walking the abbey halls, soldiers marching for war to the replaying of their deaths.
How would the information be encoded into the environment to last centuries? As in the tragic case of Braemar Castle in Aberdeenshire. Where the newly wed wife of the Earl, after consummating the marriage awoke in the morning to find her husband gone, fearing she had been rejected. The young wife threw herself from the tower. This is said to play out as a recording if a newly wed couple stay at the castle. The Worlds End, Ecton, A phantom nun is also said to appear every Halloween at midnight on the road outside near where the village gallows used to stand and she stops anyone attempting to pass. With reports going back to the 1700s.

Speculation at the round tables, is that perhaps peak experience emotion could play a part in causing the residual echo that is replayed. An incredible emotional level, the intenseness of ones whole life passing before their eyes. Utter concentration on staying alive, on reaching out to loved ones… Those who claim near death experience often speak of the clarity of a moment, a sensation of zen. A oneness with all. Whilst it is very likely this being part of the minds self defense mechanism for keeping the brain safe. Could this mind state be the catalyst for a “wave” that expels out? With reports which on the surface appear to be genuine experiences and of which there is something of a theory that seems to fit. The evidence of how it is being done is speculation at best.

Do certain situations or mind states have to be the same for the recording to play out?

Drivers on the same stretch of road, being a newly wedded couple at the aforementioned castle to standing in the exact spot as a witness to a killing If this were to be the trigger. There are very little to no studies into the field to give a definite answer to this. If there were, we would have a repeatable exercise in which to observe and the case for the existence of ghosts and echoes of the past would already be solved as a certainty.

One of the aspects I’ve spoke about at the presentations and live talks we have done, looks at the technological applications this would indeed unlock should we discover the medium.
Consider this… the Stone Tape Theory phenomena when experienced is actually that of a 3 dimensional figure of mass in an environmental space. Frequent conversations with those who claim to have been witness to these occurrences. “They were as clear and as solid as you are.”. These ghosts are indistinguishable from a real person. We could be talking the ultimate hologram here! Especially where interaction is found, as is highlighted by phantom hitchhiker reports. Where the person/ghost is alleged to actually click open the car door, has mass when they sit down, sometimes even speaks. Only to disappear a short way on.
Unfortunately there’s no answer on how we press record or let alone even hit play… however there’s some really interesting leads to what may be going on.

The Water memory theory holds some footing in some science circles, lending potential to the water tape theory as discussed by Para Science. Where it has been observed and recorded that water has the ability to hold information though this is disputed. A number of notable scientists and theorists have concluded separately in their respective fields of expertise. Where water can be used as a medium for information storage and an interactive element of mental influence.

Light makes for a terrific carrier of information, witness the prevalence of fiber optics in telecommunications. Photons are hyperactive, zipping around at light speed.
In his book Robot, Hans Moravac discusses how low energy photons store information theorized to be one megabyte in a single hydrogen atom and indeed ten billion megabytes in the small structure the size of a virus. Our visual receptors, our eyes, take in light from everything we look at. Which is taken in and processed by our mind to give us the vivid images of the environment we see.
In the past decade, it has been discovered the human eye also emits photons and our bodies emit biophotons. There is a two way process occurring of light being received and emitted. Packages of information scattered and directed out into the surrounding environment.

Is it therefore possible, just to throw it out there when an individual has the experience of observing or hearing an apparent ghost, might they may be taking in a photon(s) emitted by someone else, with the information being carried by the photon? Which may account for sightings, where only one person sees the ghost despite numerous people being present. The jury is out on whether or not photons degrade. As it is travelling at the speed of light, we presently can’t keep up with it to observe this. So photons containing the information could speculatively last forever.

…and Magnetic fields.
Magnetic fields surround us throughout our daily lives. We also generate our own resonance, which is measurable. Consciousness is a measurable frequency. The acknowledged speed that the EM field of the brain traverses the caudal–rostral plane of the cerebrum in the brain every ~20 ms. Travelling at 4.5 metres per second divided by a typical human skull circumference of 6 × 10-1 m (60 cm) gives the value 7.5 Hz. Our brain has a magnetic resonance around 7hz. Which is a curious frequency, as it mirrors the resonance frequency of the Earths own ionosphere.

Neuroscientist and professor at Princeton University Michael Persinger.  His lecture entitled “No more secrets” discussing scientific observations and data in the field of communication between individuals at a distance and also demonstrating how the EM fields of the individuals brain show interesting parallels of symmetry – brain wave activity and patterns, which begin to mirror one another. It is at this time somehow an information transfer occurs, access to the others memories. This happens at the 7hz range in the hippocampus, “the gateway to memory”. How this is theorized to occur, is entanglement. With the information conducted into the magnetic field, could it be that person A standing in and about in the same area. Perhaps the trigger being a the similar mind state, perhaps at the exact frequency as the time of the original event. The field gives person A not the outside apparition but the the projection into the mind.

To elaborate; the apparition however it is sensed… if it is real? I draw upon a quote from the film The Matrix spoken by Morpheus to Neo 

“What is real?  How do you define real?  If you’re talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you’re talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Our senses are the input to which our mind interprets the experiences we are having.

However they it is well known animals notably birds use the magnetic fields for navigation and orientation. In the studies to understand this process looking for a magnetic receptors, gene expression markers have identified several brain regions activated by magnetic stimulation, neuronal responses to  field direction, intensity, and polarity; With findings demonstrating a neural magnetic sense. Comparing these notes to the human neurological studies, as humans we have similar sense to electro and magnetic input. We are highly susceptible to the em fields.

If we are exposed at the same frequency, or have the same present em field frequency occur in the mind and we exist in the same space. Could there could be an exchange of information?

The difficulty in understanding this is people and creatures have walked the Earth for thousands of years and we now occupy more of it than ever before. So this experience should be occurring far more often. People should be witness to this very frequently. But do we have the same mind set often enough as people from the past to enable the view to occur?

Could this be the mechanism behind the “Stone Tape Theory”?  A field with information stored could be putting the impression into the mind of the beholder.

Truth is we simply presently do not know, we have to keep looking.

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The paranormal state of the web

The internet, a place full of information, misinformation, opinions and copied quotes. Its also a valuable resource and vital way to communicate in todays age.
A place where the unexplained has quite a curiously shaped foothold. Firm holding of different views and approaches. With plenty of pages, sharing thoughts and theories.

Paranormal state of the web

On appearance alone, a large percentage of paranormal related websites are usually focused around the theme of fears, lots of black, over use of gothic fonts, pictures of graveyards, churches etc. Is the unexplained really about Halloween?

There is a number of “hub-sites” full of reposts from news and stories across the general media, with little or no original content. These hub-sites are quite popular with posts, comments and discussion. Across forums and newsgroups there are some discussion oriented sites with paranormal related content. The flucuating active membership of such sites has waned in recent years as discussion has moved into the social networking sphere.

It is impossible mentioning the internet without talking about social networks. Social networking platforms and indeed blogging really have connected a vast number of people. Sharing stories, images and video quicker between one another faster than ever! Whilst this has done wonders for interconnectivity and discussion, the effect on the quality of information is noticeable.
Drawing attention to a recent online video seminar with professor of evolutionary biology Mark Pagel, titled ‘Infinite Stupidity’. the idea that social networks are ultimately devaluing knowledge and that the internet used in this way has signaled a ‘cut and paste’ culture with innovative and original material being overlooked. Where pictures and data are flicked through, quickly forgotten about just to get to the next thing. With so much information out there, it is likely we may be missing a vast amount of quality as we are being bombarded in waves of drivel and why it is that the same topics are recycled over and over. The ability of how a single message or image reaching an audience of not just tens or hundreds, but thousands potentially even millions in an easy effortless way is undeniable.

Video blogging and production is relatively easy to produce. Even TV style quality is not so hard to achieve. Dedicated groups have taken it upon themselves to develop paranormal programming. Setting up cameras in homes and reputed locations to be viewed online is simple. People recording strange phenomena to show the world. Not to mention the flip side creating “false” or set up events to trick and to entertain. The internet has become a broadcasting medium like no other.

Having an online presence where people can contact you and/or your organization is brilliant. Having a website that panders to the stereotype perpetuates the impression that it is no more serious than Scooby Doo. “Jinkies”! Despite the contrast that there is indeed academic interest, journal papers and brilliant research that are being published, which have supporting evidence to the claims of what is presently considered to be in the realm of the unexplained. Many which are warranting of further study. We just aren’t helping ourselves by maintaining this halloween illusion.

What must not be forgotten here is that there are different aims and focuses for individuals, groups, organizations and events companies. Some are preferring the methodological, ethical and sensible approach to the paranormal, others are simply events companies, so the icons of animated ghosts, witches and spooky sounds sells the stereotype to the thrill seeking audience. That is not to say, some of the people behind the events companies do not conduct research or do not inspire people on events to take a more grounded approach.

One aspect that is apparent sitting back in the mind of a Joe Bloggs-layperson reporting a strange event or experience it is not readily clear where and who you inform. Similarly if you do will you be taken at your word, criticized or have you treated like a loon.

There has been a push for more resource oriented sites and structured databases. For information can be readily accessed by anyone. Great examples would Mysterious Britain and Ireland, ASSAP, Society of Psychical Research and the Barnum Project. Which produce material as well connect and link to wide variety on published material, ongoing projects and quality research.
A must for all levels of interest in the paranormal.

There are locations on the web that are beacons of sense, advocating education and good practice.


Certifibly haunted

Certifiably haunted

Went into a pub a few days back, in the former mining town of Hucknall, which is located north of Nottingham. Whilst sharing drinks and conversation with friends, I caught sight of a framed picture on the wall. Without naming names.
Within the frame is a certificate with the words to the extent that this location has been officially acknowledged as being a haunted premises as investigated by” ******** paranormal investigation team”. Glad to know there is a team out there who actually know what a ghost is and can as such “certify” its existence and activity at a location. While seemingly everyone else in the world doesn’t have this insight.

This forms the initial of a series of articles with the over arcing theme of “Are we as paranormal investigators our own worst enemy?”

Spirit photography

As many who seek the answer to perhaps what is the most thought about question in all of human history – “Is there anything beyond our physical life?” It is also the question that drives us to look in wonder at all the multiple ideas and theories out there in the world, and we want so much to believe there is. Our minds, our thoughts, our experiences, we don’t want to believe they will be lost forever. When logic and reason comes into play we are confronted by a wall and a clear answer of no, there is no afterlife, no continuation of the consciousness, you will die, and that is that.

There are glimmers which shine out like beacons to those seeking to cling to idea that life may indeed continue in some form. One of these is the idea of ghosts and spirits, which indeed some of been caught in front of the camera many stand up to reason that they are not forgeries and done in a way to manipulate others. They just simply are. And what has been taken in front of the camera, was in front of the camera.

Spirit photography has been around for over a century the technique of recording manifestations was developed in the mid 1800s. William Hudson who lived in the United States. Who began to build a photographic record of working with mediums in séance using flash photography, which proved ultimately destructive at the séances with mediums suffering terribly from the likes of heart attacks. (Allegedly due to bodies substance being given in order to create ectoplasm, but that’s another story) to quote Fred Gettings author of a number of occult book publications

“Images of complete materializations of spirits, of partial manifestations and related phenomena are certainly more frequently obtained than is generally realized.” Genuine mediumship, beset as always by extensive fraudulent practice, resulted in highly sophisticated techniques which were the subject of intense scientific investigation. Perhaps the most famous of the 19th century spirits to be photographed in a materialized form was “Katie King” who had manifested through the mediumship or renowned Florence Cook, who was studied by Sir William Cookes, under laboratory conditions. The materialization of Katie King was photographed with Sir William Cooke. Who wrote in his conclusions: “Photography was inadequate to depict the perfect beauty of Katie’s face, as words are powerless to describe the charm of her manner…”

 Spirit photography was done using Radiograph (which is similar to how an x-ray is performed and results in a similar style of image) Skotograph (a single shot piece of film that is in a sealed package to prevent tampering or fraudulent alterations. This concept was proposed and devised by Felicia Scatcherd, of Society for Psychical Research).

Another form of spirit photography is Kirlian photography, It refers to a form of photograph achieved with a high voltage current. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of high voltage created by the strong electric it gives a corona like effect, around objects and even people! In recent times this form has been redubbed “Aura photography”. Of which there is research of how different colours of said “aura” do indeed change dependant on mood of the respondent. I was present when a Kirlian photograph was taken of a pregnant woman (Festival of Fire – University of Nottingham March 09). The photo appears to have a shaft of light seemingly coming from where the foetus is developing in the womb. I took a photo on my camera of said Aura photograph,

Polaroid instant print cameras, have been around a while and are popular amongst paranormal researchers and photographers offering proof that the image wasn’t tampered with. High quality digital cameras come reasonably cheap at varying resolutions, images are quickly stored to an internal memory or externally removable card, ported to a PC and printed out, in the comfort of your own home. Whilst that is great, its open to the skeptic and debunker to say whatever you caught on camera wasn’t caught on the camera but instead took a trip into the realms of paint shop pro and photoshop – and was added (however a quick look at the metafile of said digital image will tell you exactly where its been).

One of the most famous photographs of an alleged ghost is the ‘Brown Lady’  taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, is the apparent spirit  of Lady Townshend. Who it is recorded was never allowed to leave the house by her overbareing husband Lord Charles Townshend.


Spirit photography regardless of how it is done will always under scrutiny, if it is not the photograph itself – it is aimed at who took it, the photographer, how, when, why did you take “x” shot, what do they seek to gain from it? Can it be recreated? Does it prove the afterlife exists? No. Does it give that glimmer? Playing devils advocate here, yes. The glimmer is shining, it is now a matter of discovering what it is, that is being illuminated.

Scientific study confirms that near death experiences (NDEs) are caused by REM sleep.

18 OOBE Research Center volunteers were able to reproduce every detail of the out-of-body flight towards the light at the end of the tunnel described in reports of near-death experiences(NDE) at clinical death.

Study Objectives were to prove the implication of REM sleep in the occurrence of “near-death experiences” at clinical death by artificially reproducing near-death experiences during REM sleep.

In late January, OOBE Research Center specialists instructed four groups of volunteers in special procedures to perform during night and morning awakenings. Eighteen subjects consequently succeeded in artificially reproducing the exit from the body and flight through the tunnel towards the light experienced at clinical death. The experiment aimed to investigate the nature of near-death experiences.

This is the full method and experiment –

A comparative analysis demonstrated that the 18 experiment outcomes were fully consistent with a database of 2,900 actual near-death experiences. The experiment made use of the brief transitional state upon awakening that occurs when the mind has already woken up, but the body is still asleep. This state mimics that of the anesthesia-induced narcosis that the majority of near-death experiences occur in.

Head researcher Michael Raduga explained, “Our experiment finally makes it possible to re-evaluate the findings of near-death experience researchers like Dr. Raymond Moody. For the first time, we can not only collect and analyze near-death experiences, but also deliberately reproduce them. This achievement casts doubt on earlier theories regarding the nature of this phenomenon.”

In a similar manner, in 2011 the OOBE Research Center artificially reproduced the experience of alien abduction and several biblical miracles that had taken place in subwaking states. The Research Center was founded by Michael Raduga in 2007 to study the phenomena of out-of-body experience and conscious, or “lucid”, dreaming.


Note this is an copy to here from the original article.

Presentation details and title screen

“Large sunken islands, tales of the ancient gods, preceltic history and artifacts.
Earth mysteries and ancient mythology, technology of the gods and the revelations of genetics.
Egyptian history and the strong connection between all of them”
Yes, my bad. It’s a long title. Really did try to make it smaller, but nothing seemed to encompass the areas at which we are going to look at and expand upon.

The presentation will be at the monthly Empryean meeting held at the Theosophical Hall, next to the Old Saluation Inn, on Maid Marian way, Nottingham.
January 4th 2012
Doors open at 7.30pm and talk starts at 8pm
On the door is 4pounds adult and 2.50pound the unwaged

Really hope you can attend,

“The unexplained and the paranormal is about more than just ghosthunting”

Anomaly: Journal of research into the Paranormal volume 45 Nov 2011 now available

Volume 45 is now available, clocking in at a good size of 251 pages of accessible Journal papers published by the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and is available for purchase of £10 ($20). There is a quote which I comes to mind “Extraordinary results through the wise application of knowledge” (Which comes from Ron Young). ASSAPs Anomaly does just that, provides knowledge from which to build structure and look to discover the extraordinary.

A list of the articles and conference papers contained within, should wet your appetite enough to encourage you to obtain a copy of this excellent publication.

The effects of religious priming on pseudohallucinations induced by mirror gazing – Alex Rugens
Ethical issues in spontaneous phenomena investigations – Dave wood and Christian Jenson Romer
Rendelsham Forest incident: Overview – Robert Moore

Hilary Evans: An Obituary – Hugh Pincott
Why everything we think know about ghost is (probably) wrong – Christian Jenson Romer
Problems in establishing the authenticity of crop circles – Trystan Swale
Anthropology of spirit mediumship, animism and altered states of consciousness – Jack Hunter
The future of paranormal investigation: onwards and upwards for the next 30 years – John Fraser
Further comments on alleged phone calls from the dead – Cal Cooper
Bigfoot/sasquatch evidence – Paul Vella
Infrasound and its association with paranormal experiences – Steve Parsons
Power to the people: the role of consciousness in paranormal research – Hugh Pincott
Seeing relationships that dont exist: Paul Rogers
Head and tales: Strange case of the Hexham heads – David Taylor
Effect of paranormal belief on response bias in an EVP task – Simon Sherwood
RAND, UFOs, Superstition and the psychological warfare – Mark Pilkington

Not to mention more! including brilliant book reviews and correspondence. Anomaly 45 should be in the hands of any person considering themselves to be a paranormal investigator, follower of the unexplained or a curious observer looking to learn. For me personally, who attended ASSAP30 Seriously Strange conference event and got to listen to many of the talks by those active in the field of research and academia. My scribbling hand wasn’t fast enough on the day for taking notes of such involving presentations and information. ASSAP have played an ace from their sleeve by publishing them here for just £10 this deserves to be in the collection and would make an ideal gift for someone involved in any of the aspects of the unexplained.