Equipment (Are we as paranormal investigators our own worst enemy)

This forms the second part of our series of pieces with the theme of “Are we as paranormal investigators our own worst enemy?)

Ghost investigators in particular seemingly have quite the repertoire of gear that is commonly regarded as spirit finding tools. EMF meters such as a K2 meter, laser grid torches, cameras, audio recorders and suchlike. When it comes to the equipment in which we investigate, shouldn’t the first rule of the thumb be to discard immediately what we know for certain does not work. Such as pendulums, dowsing rods, table tipping, laser grids, ouija/spirit boards which have been debunked in every kind of way.
What is amazing to consider, is many marketed paranormal event/ghost hunts tend to use them! For those that do, its a hit or miss as to whether there is fair explanation of their use or practise.
The reason they are they being used may be down to that they are expected, much like props. They have no value or worthy information to be gleaned other than “looking” like it’s what they do on the telly. Whilst this doesn’t go completely for every investigative group.
Certain practices that are being employed in investigative exercises, such as at residential homes you have to raise an eyebrow or two in wonder at what groups hope to obtain using tools and methods that can only be described as dubious. Further self-deception is generated and thus a trap of expectation and basing foundations of nothing that holds any weight.

We can see to a certain extent why some equipment are being used despite the contrary and conflicting views, such as an EMF meter. To be used to measure the electro-magetic fields of the environment, its original purpose, not as a pseudo-scientific dowsing tool. Which is also how the K2 meter is presently being employed by many investigators. Often being labelled as “Ghost Communicators” by some of the companies retailing them! Those companies selling them are often ghost hunt event and investigative groups themselves.

In searching the internet in search of a couple of images to use for the this journal piece, the results to searching for EMF meter picture wise, on the front first page of which there were 55, every one belonged to ghost related website! Checked them all manually. :-S However Greater Manchester Skeptics Society did make me chuckle,

You get into a conversation with a potential customer. He asks you about Infrared Thermometers, so you begin to demonstrate one you just happen to be holding. At this point he asks you if you sell EMF meters, and the alarm bells go off. You’ve got yourself a ghost wanker! What would you do? I have absolutely no idea, and each time it happens I’m almost at a loss for words.