Spirit photography

As many who seek the answer to perhaps what is the most thought about question in all of human history – “Is there anything beyond our physical life?” It is also the question that drives us to look in wonder at all the multiple ideas and theories out there in the world, and we want so much to believe there is. Our minds, our thoughts, our experiences, we don’t want to believe they will be lost forever. When logic and reason comes into play we are confronted by a wall and a clear answer of no, there is no afterlife, no continuation of the consciousness, you will die, and that is that.

There are glimmers which shine out like beacons to those seeking to cling to idea that life may indeed continue in some form. One of these is the idea of ghosts and spirits, which indeed some of been caught in front of the camera many stand up to reason that they are not forgeries and done in a way to manipulate others. They just simply are. And what has been taken in front of the camera, was in front of the camera.

Spirit photography has been around for over a century the technique of recording manifestations was developed in the mid 1800s. William Hudson who lived in the United States. Who began to build a photographic record of working with mediums in séance using flash photography, which proved ultimately destructive at the séances with mediums suffering terribly from the likes of heart attacks. (Allegedly due to bodies substance being given in order to create ectoplasm, but that’s another story) to quote Fred Gettings author of a number of occult book publications

“Images of complete materializations of spirits, of partial manifestations and related phenomena are certainly more frequently obtained than is generally realized.” Genuine mediumship, beset as always by extensive fraudulent practice, resulted in highly sophisticated techniques which were the subject of intense scientific investigation. Perhaps the most famous of the 19th century spirits to be photographed in a materialized form was “Katie King” who had manifested through the mediumship or renowned Florence Cook, who was studied by Sir William Cookes, under laboratory conditions. The materialization of Katie King was photographed with Sir William Cooke. Who wrote in his conclusions: “Photography was inadequate to depict the perfect beauty of Katie’s face, as words are powerless to describe the charm of her manner…”

 Spirit photography was done using Radiograph (which is similar to how an x-ray is performed and results in a similar style of image) Skotograph (a single shot piece of film that is in a sealed package to prevent tampering or fraudulent alterations. This concept was proposed and devised by Felicia Scatcherd, of Society for Psychical Research).

Another form of spirit photography is Kirlian photography, It refers to a form of photograph achieved with a high voltage current. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of high voltage created by the strong electric it gives a corona like effect, around objects and even people! In recent times this form has been redubbed “Aura photography”. Of which there is research of how different colours of said “aura” do indeed change dependant on mood of the respondent. I was present when a Kirlian photograph was taken of a pregnant woman (Festival of Fire – University of Nottingham March 09). The photo appears to have a shaft of light seemingly coming from where the foetus is developing in the womb. I took a photo on my camera of said Aura photograph,

Polaroid instant print cameras, have been around a while and are popular amongst paranormal researchers and photographers offering proof that the image wasn’t tampered with. High quality digital cameras come reasonably cheap at varying resolutions, images are quickly stored to an internal memory or externally removable card, ported to a PC and printed out, in the comfort of your own home. Whilst that is great, its open to the skeptic and debunker to say whatever you caught on camera wasn’t caught on the camera but instead took a trip into the realms of paint shop pro and photoshop – and was added (however a quick look at the metafile of said digital image will tell you exactly where its been).

One of the most famous photographs of an alleged ghost is the ‘Brown Lady’  taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, is the apparent spirit  of Lady Townshend. Who it is recorded was never allowed to leave the house by her overbareing husband Lord Charles Townshend.


Spirit photography regardless of how it is done will always under scrutiny, if it is not the photograph itself – it is aimed at who took it, the photographer, how, when, why did you take “x” shot, what do they seek to gain from it? Can it be recreated? Does it prove the afterlife exists? No. Does it give that glimmer? Playing devils advocate here, yes. The glimmer is shining, it is now a matter of discovering what it is, that is being illuminated.

Did a UFO crash in Hucknall in November 1987?

The alledged crash took place on the date of November 12th 1987, whilst most people were asleep in bed. The silence of the night was shattered in the early hours after a thunderball tore through homes in Kirkby in Ashfield. Freak weather was blamed at the time, but since the event multiple witnesses have come forward. Certainly something highly sensitive and inexplicable happened that night. Windows of 13 houses were blown out, chimney stacks fell from roofs, severe damage to buildings due to an airborne collision were reported.

First hand reports of military activity in the area of the A60 known as Thieves wood, closing off of roads, implementation of armed guards, systematic questioning of locals. People were stopped in their cars, by a road block near Annesley and told they could go no further as a helicopter had come down in the local woods. Other witnesses had snippets of information an object of intense light was trying to avoid built up areas and was veering south towards the Hucknall airfield.

A regular bus driver of the A60 route at the time recalls the time very well. Dominic Beglin of the East Midlands UFO Research association held a public talk and discussion regarding the UFO Crash in 1997, in Basford. Mr Beglin quoted an Ashfield district councillor “God only knows how no one was killed, it was like the blitz” during his talk. Witnesses at the time said the ball of light didn’t travel in a straight line witnesses claim to have seen in dive down and up again distinctly over the hills and lay of the land. Thieves wood has a number of tales of its own.

Reports of ghosts, apparitions, strange sensations… well this as you can imagine can only add to the list going on there and adding to the local lore.

Information lifted by cuttings from Hucknall Dispatch held at Hucknall Library/Local studies. A.Smith. East Midlands UFORA.

Collated by Kristian Lander

Here is a couple of shots in recent years of UFO reports and images in recent years.

Enigma talk – 9th February 2012, Lincolnshire Poacher, Mansfield Road, Nottingham.

Enigma: “Strange and most curious. Places and stories that defy explanations.”

Kristian Lander, of the Paranormal Network – is the guest speaker at the NPN Monthly moot meeting tomorrow evening.

An informal talk, discussion and presentation. Picture and video session covering a number of ancient sacred sites and their Enigmas.
Mohenjo-daro, Derinkuyu and Carnac being some of the highlights.

There will be a brief introduction, accompanied by some video clips and pictures. following each with a discussion.
Carrying over and expanding on some of the information from the talk at the Empryean meeting in January.

Plus a number of psychical experiments of telepathy, remote viewing and psychometry.

Throwing in some local spooky and strange stories, which we have been involved with. with pictures and video from our archive. Some of which have never been shown before.

Occurring at 7.30 pm £2 on the door. 

Lincolnshire Poacher

161-163 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 3FR

Thursday 9 Feb 2012

Special thanks to Lee Brockbank for use of hardware.

The Paranormal Network supports the protest against SOPA.

The SOPA acts goes against everything the internet stands for and its future.
The internet is the last stand of freedom of speech, expression and peoples voices against tryanny. If i wish to mention the word “google” or “the new york times” potentially just the mere mention of the word without permission and copyright fees paid, is enough to have your websites, blogs removed. Even your very access to the internet recinded completely. By laws no-one wants wants, no one agreed with. In the illusion of protecting data.
This is an outright step to complete draconian law by corperations and is politically motivated by people behind the scenes of governments who share seats on the boards of these mega companies.

Its maybe that Paranormal Network isnt large enough of its own for people to take notice, but unless we all show support and community to the likes of wikipedia, reddit, yahoo and the many others that are, we do not accept of want SOPA.

Paranormal 101 – How to be a investigator on a budget.

Was asked a question recently which was from a friend called Sarah.  Who asked “I cannot go on ghost hunts, because I cannot afford it anymore. How can I still be investigator?” We take up the challenge of looking at different areas of the paranormal and how to do them on budget!

It’s a question facing many  people who have an interest in the fields of curious experiences and phenomena in our economic climate, a climate which shows no signs of loosening its grip. So what can one do?

Anyone who has visited our site in the last year, will have seen a graphic, a message and a facebook page entitled Investigating the paranormal isn’t just about hunting ghosts? Because there really is so much more to the amazing colourul landscape of the unexplained.

Areas such as remote viewing, psychometry, precognition and telepathy are easily examined, with a small number of people.

How? Simple experiments using Zener cards which you can make your own. Take a photo, make sure no one sees obviously put it in an envelope and pass it around seeing if others can pick up, draw and write down information they get just by touch. Put an object or a message in a room and see using remote viewing what it is. Arrange a psychical fun night in.

Prep work: paper for notes, create/buy Zener cards, get envelopes, get some peeps over.
Cost – Very little.

Ghost, stories, myth and legend discovering!

Theres always places with myths and legends attached. Monks, grey ladies, strange figures, anniversary hauntings. Roman roads, cross roads, former battlefields, standing stones, sacred sites and hanging trees even. You’ll find them some of them in various books of the subject.

Take up the research side, head to your local studies library. You will find lots of stuff and places to look at. Discover more and even go visit. A great example close to us here in Ye Olde Nottingham is the stories of black George, the very road takes its name from the entity Georges Lane. A lonely and eerie stretch of rural road heading to the small township of Calverton. Many encounters of a black figure chasing cars, a number of situations where late night drivers on the road report a figure or being appearing in the back seat of the car! Not in there few either. Local taxi drivers reputedly avoid the road at night and others plan routes around Georges Lane. Brilliantly simple place to investigate, with the structure and scenario already in place required to do an investigation.
Take a car drive along at night.

Prep work: create a log, times, direction etc
Cost: It’d just be a tank of fuel.

On location of investigation. Example being a ghost inv.

Taking a logical equipment set suited to the investigation. Pen, notebook, >wristwatch, camera, torch (it may be dark), talcum powder, thermometer and a compass.
All of which bar the camera are relatively inexpensive. A tape/digital voice recorder is very useful though. EMF meters and thermal cameras sure look cool and striking. They are more about monitoring the environment rather than tracking down ghosts.
Which is our advice to any team. Use the principle – “K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Sure there are advantages to having infra red beam alarms securing areas off, CCTV set ups monitoring when there is multiple locations. But are generally they not needed.

Don’t waste time, money and effort on reports which aren’t current events. For instance, it may that Mary who experienced the windows rattling, cold spots and the TV turning off 22 years ago without an explanation. Simple isn’t viable, for the structure and perimeters of an investigation. But many people have reports they just want to talk about, which is fine in terms of conversation as some are fascinating.
However a simple way is just ask them straight, does it occur today?
Refer them to local studies library, city archives, paranormal database, ASSAP, SPR archives to see if there any other reports that have appeared at the location.

UFOs – a frequent subject of the strange

Have a look at local reports in the press, local studies library and the internet. Whilst many of the reports are from individuals viewing and recording are often nothing more than the crafts in passing. Rather than close encounters.
There is logical things investigators can do like making a call to CAA to see if there was a craft of more earthy origin at that time.

Cost: a phonecall. And log the report.

Hope these have provided food for thought in terms of lowering the outlay whilst being an effective investigator of the unexplained.

Paranormal Networks

Paranormal 101: Practical steps of the investigating the paranormal.

Presentation details and title screen

“Large sunken islands, tales of the ancient gods, preceltic history and artifacts.
Earth mysteries and ancient mythology, technology of the gods and the revelations of genetics.
Egyptian history and the strong connection between all of them”
Yes, my bad. It’s a long title. Really did try to make it smaller, but nothing seemed to encompass the areas at which we are going to look at and expand upon.

The presentation will be at the monthly Empryean meeting held at the Theosophical Hall, next to the Old Saluation Inn, on Maid Marian way, Nottingham.
January 4th 2012
Doors open at 7.30pm and talk starts at 8pm
On the door is 4pounds adult and 2.50pound the unwaged


Really hope you can attend,

“The unexplained and the paranormal is about more than just ghosthunting”

Presentations – up, coming and the topics involved.

As you may have learned we have recently become members of the Archeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association.

We have a number of presentations coming up on the subject and related fields.

Nottinghamshire Empryean in January. With a fantastic presentation (which we have literally spent months conducting research, verifying sources and investigation) the topic being quite expansive from ancient myths, legends, earth mysteries, the culture of the Tuhatha de denann, migration of ancient people, good science, Egypt pharaohs, sunken islands, the connection of gods to particular sites in the British Isles, and many surprises!

Each and every person who attends will get a list of all sources to verify, double check and give those with an interest the direct lines to go investigate further!

In February, we are attending the NPN monthly meeting as a guest at the Lincolnshire Poacher presenting a discussion and talk on “Enigmas – places and people that defy explanation”. Which will continue the conversations of the Empryean presentation and delve also into mystic places and stories that while entirely based in fact astound, amaze and defy explanation.

Wednesday 4th Jan 2012 To be held at the Theosophical Hall, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham

Wednesday 9th Feb 2012 To be held Lincolnshire Poacher, Mansfield Road.


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