Be rational with confidence

There is much to say about the role of skepticism and rational thinking especially in the realm of the paranormal – much has been said already.  So we won’t discuss that here other than to say if we believe everything we are told and take everything at face value the rabbit hole you would find yourself in would be vast and in-orderable. I do enjoy exploring the rabbit hole, hence the radio show title “Rabbit Hole That Is Reality” making clear explanation of what is verifiable, true and what is speculation and ponderings.

Hayley, not that she knows (until now) gave me food for thought and added confidence. As some of my own journey mirrors what directions she has took. I too once believed in the paranormal, part of an investigation team doing the usual fallacies. Figure in hindsight it was as I hungered for information and assimilated much. I do not “want” to a ghost buster as it were, like Egon or Ray more curiousity, as to alleged experiences others were having. Seeing unexplained reports and cases since quite young, I wanted in. It is when you start to look at why do we do this? What does this actually tell us? and my personal favourite – Why are we sitting around in the dark?

Concerns over inexperienced people taking their “belief” about aspects of the paranormal into other peoples homes. Further raised 10-fold when a member of the “team” I was engaging with in 2007, was in court on charges of hebephilia towards a young teenage boy.

There were so many rich sources of knowledge, alleged gurus providing insight and demonstrating facets to learn. What I learned over time was “the art of the con”.

Finding others who also questioned what others accepted at blind faith, gave me greater confidence to ask further questions. Hayley was one the first I encountered personally who I was able speak to on White Noise Paranormal Radio in 2007-2009 during an interview by Jason Day. Have never looked back, I still have a hands on anthropological sense to approach the paranormal subjects that hold an interest. As like Victorian machines to “see” how they work from the inside out to deeper understand them.

Tuesday evening dashing from a press media review of Tom Midnight Gardenal at the theatre I hightailed across city over to Castle Rock Canalhouse to catch Hayley mid-presentation at the Skeptics in the pub meeting.

During the break, we both ticked off a box off the facebook finally-we-met list.

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Hayley I would consider a skeptical activist, campaigning, speaking for and blogging on not just approaches to paranormal investigation. Taking a rational approach to many topics such as holistic medicine, mediumship and indeed monster hunting!

Hayley also co-presents with Michael Marshall the Be Reasonable podcast. Listen also to the “Be Reasonable” podcast on iTunes (and other podcast outlets) produced by Merseyside Skeptics Society.