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Sharon A Hill is the guest for Our Curious World with Kristian Lander. Independent researcher in anomalies, paranormal topics and popular culture, pseudoscience and society; licensed geologist; author of Scientifical Americans (McFarland, 2017); podcaster, writer and speaker. We explore a conversation.


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Anomaly: Journal of research into the Paranormal volume 45 Nov 2011 now available

Volume 45 is now available, clocking in at a good size of 251 pages of accessible Journal papers published by the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and is available for purchase of £10 ($20). There is a quote which I comes to mind “Extraordinary results through the wise application of knowledge” (Which comes from Ron Young). ASSAPs Anomaly does just that, provides knowledge from which to build structure and look to discover the extraordinary.

A list of the articles and conference papers contained within, should wet your appetite enough to encourage you to obtain a copy of this excellent publication.

The effects of religious priming on pseudohallucinations induced by mirror gazing – Alex Rugens
Ethical issues in spontaneous phenomena investigations – Dave wood and Christian Jenson Romer
Rendelsham Forest incident: Overview – Robert Moore

Hilary Evans: An Obituary – Hugh Pincott
Why everything we think know about ghost is (probably) wrong – Christian Jenson Romer
Problems in establishing the authenticity of crop circles – Trystan Swale
Anthropology of spirit mediumship, animism and altered states of consciousness – Jack Hunter
The future of paranormal investigation: onwards and upwards for the next 30 years – John Fraser
Further comments on alleged phone calls from the dead – Cal Cooper
Bigfoot/sasquatch evidence – Paul Vella
Infrasound and its association with paranormal experiences – Steve Parsons
Power to the people: the role of consciousness in paranormal research – Hugh Pincott
Seeing relationships that dont exist: Paul Rogers
Head and tales: Strange case of the Hexham heads – David Taylor
Effect of paranormal belief on response bias in an EVP task – Simon Sherwood
RAND, UFOs, Superstition and the psychological warfare – Mark Pilkington

Not to mention more! including brilliant book reviews and correspondence. Anomaly 45 should be in the hands of any person considering themselves to be a paranormal investigator, follower of the unexplained or a curious observer looking to learn. For me personally, who attended ASSAP30 Seriously Strange conference event and got to listen to many of the talks by those active in the field of research and academia. My scribbling hand wasn’t fast enough on the day for taking notes of such involving presentations and information. ASSAP have played an ace from their sleeve by publishing them here for just £10 this deserves to be in the collection and would make an ideal gift for someone involved in any of the aspects of the unexplained.