The paranormal state of the web

The internet, a place full of information, misinformation, opinions and copied quotes. Its also a valuable resource and vital way to communicate in todays age.
A place where the unexplained has quite a curiously shaped foothold. Firm holding of different views and approaches. With plenty of pages, sharing thoughts and theories.

Paranormal state of the web

On appearance alone, a large percentage of paranormal related websites are usually focused around the theme of fears, lots of black, over use of gothic fonts, pictures of graveyards, churches etc. Is the unexplained really about Halloween?

There is a number of “hub-sites” full of reposts from news and stories across the general media, with little or no original content. These hub-sites are quite popular with posts, comments and discussion. Across forums and newsgroups there are some discussion oriented sites with paranormal related content. The flucuating active membership of such sites has waned in recent years as discussion has moved into the social networking sphere.

It is impossible mentioning the internet without talking about social networks. Social networking platforms and indeed blogging really have connected a vast number of people. Sharing stories, images and video quicker between one another faster than ever! Whilst this has done wonders for interconnectivity and discussion, the effect on the quality of information is noticeable.
Drawing attention to a recent online video seminar with professor of evolutionary biology Mark Pagel, titled ‘Infinite Stupidity’. the idea that social networks are ultimately devaluing knowledge and that the internet used in this way has signaled a ‘cut and paste’ culture with innovative and original material being overlooked. Where pictures and data are flicked through, quickly forgotten about just to get to the next thing. With so much information out there, it is likely we may be missing a vast amount of quality as we are being bombarded in waves of drivel and why it is that the same topics are recycled over and over. The ability of how a single message or image reaching an audience of not just tens or hundreds, but thousands potentially even millions in an easy effortless way is undeniable.

Video blogging and production is relatively easy to produce. Even TV style quality is not so hard to achieve. Dedicated groups have taken it upon themselves to develop paranormal programming. Setting up cameras in homes and reputed locations to be viewed online is simple. People recording strange phenomena to show the world. Not to mention the flip side creating “false” or set up events to trick and to entertain. The internet has become a broadcasting medium like no other.

Having an online presence where people can contact you and/or your organization is brilliant. Having a website that panders to the stereotype perpetuates the impression that it is no more serious than Scooby Doo. “Jinkies”! Despite the contrast that there is indeed academic interest, journal papers and brilliant research that are being published, which have supporting evidence to the claims of what is presently considered to be in the realm of the unexplained. Many which are warranting of further study. We just aren’t helping ourselves by maintaining this halloween illusion.

What must not be forgotten here is that there are different aims and focuses for individuals, groups, organizations and events companies. Some are preferring the methodological, ethical and sensible approach to the paranormal, others are simply events companies, so the icons of animated ghosts, witches and spooky sounds sells the stereotype to the thrill seeking audience. That is not to say, some of the people behind the events companies do not conduct research or do not inspire people on events to take a more grounded approach.

One aspect that is apparent sitting back in the mind of a Joe Bloggs-layperson reporting a strange event or experience it is not readily clear where and who you inform. Similarly if you do will you be taken at your word, criticized or have you treated like a loon.

There has been a push for more resource oriented sites and structured databases. For information can be readily accessed by anyone. Great examples would Mysterious Britain and Ireland, ASSAP, Society of Psychical Research and the Barnum Project. Which produce material as well connect and link to wide variety on published material, ongoing projects and quality research.
A must for all levels of interest in the paranormal.

There are locations on the web that are beacons of sense, advocating education and good practice.


Paranormal 101 – How to be a investigator on a budget.

Was asked a question recently which was from a friend called Sarah.  Who asked “I cannot go on ghost hunts, because I cannot afford it anymore. How can I still be investigator?” We take up the challenge of looking at different areas of the paranormal and how to do them on budget!

It’s a question facing many  people who have an interest in the fields of curious experiences and phenomena in our economic climate, a climate which shows no signs of loosening its grip. So what can one do?

Anyone who has visited our site in the last year, will have seen a graphic, a message and a facebook page entitled Investigating the paranormal isn’t just about hunting ghosts? Because there really is so much more to the amazing colourul landscape of the unexplained.

Areas such as remote viewing, psychometry, precognition and telepathy are easily examined, with a small number of people.

How? Simple experiments using Zener cards which you can make your own. Take a photo, make sure no one sees obviously put it in an envelope and pass it around seeing if others can pick up, draw and write down information they get just by touch. Put an object or a message in a room and see using remote viewing what it is. Arrange a psychical fun night in.

Prep work: paper for notes, create/buy Zener cards, get envelopes, get some peeps over.
Cost – Very little.

Ghost, stories, myth and legend discovering!

Theres always places with myths and legends attached. Monks, grey ladies, strange figures, anniversary hauntings. Roman roads, cross roads, former battlefields, standing stones, sacred sites and hanging trees even. You’ll find them some of them in various books of the subject.

Take up the research side, head to your local studies library. You will find lots of stuff and places to look at. Discover more and even go visit. A great example close to us here in Ye Olde Nottingham is the stories of black George, the very road takes its name from the entity Georges Lane. A lonely and eerie stretch of rural road heading to the small township of Calverton. Many encounters of a black figure chasing cars, a number of situations where late night drivers on the road report a figure or being appearing in the back seat of the car! Not in there few either. Local taxi drivers reputedly avoid the road at night and others plan routes around Georges Lane. Brilliantly simple place to investigate, with the structure and scenario already in place required to do an investigation.
Take a car drive along at night.

Prep work: create a log, times, direction etc
Cost: It’d just be a tank of fuel.

On location of investigation. Example being a ghost inv.

Taking a logical equipment set suited to the investigation. Pen, notebook, >wristwatch, camera, torch (it may be dark), talcum powder, thermometer and a compass.
All of which bar the camera are relatively inexpensive. A tape/digital voice recorder is very useful though. EMF meters and thermal cameras sure look cool and striking. They are more about monitoring the environment rather than tracking down ghosts.
Which is our advice to any team. Use the principle – “K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Sure there are advantages to having infra red beam alarms securing areas off, CCTV set ups monitoring when there is multiple locations. But are generally they not needed.

Don’t waste time, money and effort on reports which aren’t current events. For instance, it may that Mary who experienced the windows rattling, cold spots and the TV turning off 22 years ago without an explanation. Simple isn’t viable, for the structure and perimeters of an investigation. But many people have reports they just want to talk about, which is fine in terms of conversation as some are fascinating.
However a simple way is just ask them straight, does it occur today?
Refer them to local studies library, city archives, paranormal database, ASSAP, SPR archives to see if there any other reports that have appeared at the location.

UFOs – a frequent subject of the strange

Have a look at local reports in the press, local studies library and the internet. Whilst many of the reports are from individuals viewing and recording are often nothing more than the crafts in passing. Rather than close encounters.
There is logical things investigators can do like making a call to CAA to see if there was a craft of more earthy origin at that time.

Cost: a phonecall. And log the report.

Hope these have provided food for thought in terms of lowering the outlay whilst being an effective investigator of the unexplained.

Paranormal Networks

Paranormal 101: Practical steps of the investigating the paranormal.

Presentation details and title screen

“Large sunken islands, tales of the ancient gods, preceltic history and artifacts.
Earth mysteries and ancient mythology, technology of the gods and the revelations of genetics.
Egyptian history and the strong connection between all of them”
Yes, my bad. It’s a long title. Really did try to make it smaller, but nothing seemed to encompass the areas at which we are going to look at and expand upon.

The presentation will be at the monthly Empryean meeting held at the Theosophical Hall, next to the Old Saluation Inn, on Maid Marian way, Nottingham.
January 4th 2012
Doors open at 7.30pm and talk starts at 8pm
On the door is 4pounds adult and 2.50pound the unwaged

Really hope you can attend,

“The unexplained and the paranormal is about more than just ghosthunting”

Presentations – up, coming and the topics involved.

As you may have learned we have recently become members of the Archeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association.

We have a number of presentations coming up on the subject and related fields.

Nottinghamshire Empryean in January. With a fantastic presentation (which we have literally spent months conducting research, verifying sources and investigation) the topic being quite expansive from ancient myths, legends, earth mysteries, the culture of the Tuhatha de denann, migration of ancient people, good science, Egypt pharaohs, sunken islands, the connection of gods to particular sites in the British Isles, and many surprises!

Each and every person who attends will get a list of all sources to verify, double check and give those with an interest the direct lines to go investigate further!

In February, we are attending the NPN monthly meeting as a guest at the Lincolnshire Poacher presenting a discussion and talk on “Enigmas – places and people that defy explanation”. Which will continue the conversations of the Empryean presentation and delve also into mystic places and stories that while entirely based in fact astound, amaze and defy explanation.
Wednesday 4th Jan 2012 To be held at the Theosophical Hall, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham
Wednesday 9th Feb 2012 To be held Lincolnshire Poacher, Mansfield Road.


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Journal submission research article/project: “Just what are investigators really doing?”

One of the data research projects we have under way at the moment is discovering how and what paranormal investigative and ghost hunting teams do. We have been in contact with a number of teams who we hope will participate in our data gathering survey. You could say in many ways this is a press release of our intention and why

We will endeavor by way of questionnaire and survey, look to learn the conduct, methodology and working principals of active investigators and groups in the field of paranormal investigation. Going on a ghost hunt at a location with “x” event organizers, that is apparently haunted. Is this really investigating the unexplained?
Do groups use the process of elimination, if so, do groups have structured guide for this? Do groups participate in active research of anomalous phenomena? Do groups keep up to date on developments and news? Is the aim to become a business selling events and tours as many have done? Do “paranormal” groups actually look into other areas of the unexplained besides ghosts? What equipment do groups actually have apparent success with? Have they published their findings? Do groups communicate with separate investigation teams to compare documentation and gathered data?

With the most important question is – What are we actually doing to document and prove the paranormal?

These are just a few examples of the questions that get raised the most often. We are going to discover of the investigation organizations and groups that participate and respond – just what investigators are really doing?

Paranormal Network.

ASSAP: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. Come and join 30th Anniversary event!

Kristian Lander recently became a subscribed member of ASSAP, The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) has been investigating the weird seriously (and the seriously weird) since 1981. ASSAP are a registered charity publishing a newsletter and a journal. Whose primary main aims are paranormal research and education. Which means you would be correct in saying ASSAP reaches the age of 30 this year and they have a conference/public event coming up in September on the 10th and 11th. Happening in the city famous for its baths…  of course Bath!  At the university!

ASSAPs 30th Anniversary event will feature prominent speakers from the fields of the paranormal, each bringing their personality and presentation to the crowds in attendance. We hope there will be many revelations, accounts and who knows evidence of anomalous phenomena.

Scheduled to appear 

Dr Ciaran O’Keefe
Paul Devereux
Mark Pilkington
Alan Murdie
Rev Lionel Fanthorpe
Dr Hugh Pincott
Paul Vella
CJ Romer
John Fraser
Dr Simon Sherwood
Dr Zofie Weaver
Val Hope
Trystan Swale
Dr Hannah Gilbert
Steve Parsons
Ann Winsper
Cal Cooper
Jack Hunter
David Taylor
Dr Sean O’Callaghan

ASSAP: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. 30th Anniversary 



Did I just experience “missing time”?

A curious phenomenon, spoke of by many – “the missing time” experience. Have spoke to some who claim to had this happen. And any reader of paranormal literature or viewer of a number of documentaries and TV shows will know – it often is associated with alien abduction. While I don’t believe I was abducted (my rectum feels just fine). The surreal-ness of the awareness of the passage of time is an incredibly strange sensation. When did this happen? you may ask – less than 20 mins ago of the initial time of posting. As a researcher and investigator of the unexplained, my task right now is to cover the bases and go over the details, try and find the crack as they say

The story and experience is such, I came home from work got in about 3.35pm-3.40pm. Sylvia my partner in crime was just about to get ready to leave for work which she did at 3.47pm and I recall this because I read her the time from the computer screen, when she asked. Sylvia then leaves the place. I pick up a few bits from the sofa, answer a text from my sister and ready to get on with some design work. Head into the bedroom to get changed out uniform into civvies. I recall moving a few bits on the floor and standing up changing my shirt and trousers to jeans. I hear a high pitch sound – similar to an old fashioned kettle with a whistle but higher, a persistent sound. I know recall as I am writing moving to turn around to look at the bedroom door. I am not tired, far from it.

Next thing I remember is I am shivering, bitterly cold, teeth are chattering and I know i’m lying down on the bed, it is dark. Feels like I am coming out of sleep as im moving my arm around trying to find the blanket, like you do in the morning or when the blanket has been tugged away – my alertness kicks in. I realize I am lying on top of the bed, diagonally feet to bottom left. head to top right. I jump up from the bed and see outside the window it really is dark, so my instinct is directing me to know the time my phone reads 18.57! Its been over 2 hours!
I come in the living room, got to kitchen put kettle on and attempt to get warm by putting fire on. Then I came to post this

well that was just plain surreal – got home from work, sylvia was just leaving. this was about 345. I remember going into bedroom, a strange sound, like a high pitch whine next thing i know its 7pm. I’ve got some disorientation going on. I assume I fell asleep, but wasn’t tired and don’t recall going to sleep.

I have no recollection of the passage of time, for the 2 hours – I wasn’t tired and no intention of going to sleep. The transition of time was virtually instantaneous. Being in bedroom getting changed to waking up freezing cold. The sound is puzzling it was a single note of high pitch. I have no history of tinnitus albeit sometimes I can hear a similar sound generated occasionally by TVs.

I must put forward the surreal sensation after wards was very well surreal.