Paranormal Network publish “Men in black” audio feature.

We trust everyone out there in the real world has had a wonderful yule tide and christmas. We present a special available to listen now – entitled “Men in black”. Paranormal Network publishes a new audio feature, looking at the Men in Black phenomenon. Mysterious and sinister individuals who put fear into those who witness UFOs, with threats and harassment. We look at first hand reports, encounters and more. Listen exclusively here the home of articles, features, investigations, research and networking.

“Ghost in the machine” Audio feature available 16-12-10

Paranormal Network will be publishing a new audio feature 16-12-10 entitled “Ghost in the machine”.
Delving into reports, cases and cult beliefs of “ghosts in the machine”, phantom phonecalls, looking to ask why spirits allegedly are drawn to electromagnetic devices. EVP, White noise pictures and images through the TV. exclusively available to listen to at 16-12-10

Talk on the Paranormal with Kristian Lander

NPN founder Kristian Lander gives a talk on the paranormal this Friday for the East midlands dowsing society group meeting. Covering a number of topics, including the mysterious
black eyed kids phenomenon, concept of the spirit world is it even a real place? the paranormal economy, and those who claim to be honest psychics

When: friday 8th oct 2010
Location; Bramcote memorial Hall, Bramcote, Nottingham. Time 730-9.
entry Standard EMDG meeting entry of £4