David Dubyne | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #19 Adapt 2030

Our guest for Our Curious World is David DuByne founder of the Adapt 2030 channel on YouTube and Oilseed crops. Living in Taiwan and is a worldwide speaker. We explore a fair reaching varied conversation. With the challenges now facing world agriculture as the solar minimum cycle effects climate. David brings a level of experience and expertise with science. Discussing the acts of governments and corporations desperate for resources. Food scarcity. Primary Water. What the professionals and experts are talking about 2023 and beyond. Tapping into revelations regarding the EU Defence Union moving into Africa, we talk China and the relations in the far east. Social credit scoring.  Vertical farming for food production. Solutions and being food sufficient.

Our Curious World. An audio and video podcast. There’s something to be said for genuine conversation. Interested in a broad variety of topics, broadcasting is my way to explore them. Always learning. Join me to watch and listen to a fascinating discussion today.