What is the Paranormal Network?

Paranormal Network is an evolving process of interested parties, knowledgable indivudals, groups and organizations just to have another place to positively reply and be part of a conversation of topics of the unexplained.

We produce articles, features, audio, video media as well as high quality digital magazines – beyond on work in the research and investigation of the unexplained.

Since Nottinghamshire Paranormal Network came to being in 2006 we have been featured, contacted, mentioned and supported by BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Nottingham, UK SCI FI Channel, Radio Moja (Canada), Century FM, Radio Hucknall, Nottingham Evening Post, Hucknall Dispatch, Mansfield Chad, Nottingham Journal…amongst many others. We have been propositioned for a regular timeslot radio show on one of the UKs premier online broadcasting companies. Joined the worlds number 1 rated and reputed paranormal talk show “White Noise Paranormal Radio” hosted by Jason Day and Kelly McKenzie as a feature contributor and correspondent throughout its last airing seasons. Paranormal Networks Kristian Lander joined the Audio Chemistry radio network – premier programme “Panic Room Show” in its initial season reporting on the strange goings on around the world. In 2011, becoming member of ASSAP – Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and SPR Society Of Psychical Research.

Humble and naive beginnings. Seemingly, we all share a quest and undeniable sense of wanting to know, to learn and strive. The mysteries of strange and curious are compelling.

In 2006, created NPN (Nottinghamshire Paranormal Network) a goal – “To be a Nottinghamshire Network of Investigators, knowledgeable individuals and groups, interested parties and from varying backgrounds of subjects with the intention of sharing and trading information for the betterment of everyone involved and the subjects we have an interest in.” Running monthly talks, round table like discussions, developing what became Nottinghams “History, Myths, Ghost and Urban Legends Tour.” Became actively involved and invited in “investigations” of public and private with a team, and this is where questions and cracks surfaced… In 2008 released a commercially available DVD entitled “A look behind the mirror”, which showed the aspects of how an investigation comes together. This was also the year we began doing public talks and presentations.

A new direction as we found ourselves questionning certain pre-conceptions and methods of investigations, which found sometimes hot water and disconnections. Turning intentions to pursueing and encouraging research – often finding pieces of puzzles which we could fit together with other information, thus our articles and features began. Which has been a mainstay. With an evolving sense, we found the articles and features we were writing went beyond the boundaries of Nottinghamshire. By perception others may be passing them over as just being a Nottingham-only relevant piece. So the “Paranormal Network” dropping the Nottinghamshire, and beginning with new unfurled wings.


6 responses to “What is the Paranormal Network?

    • Excellent.
      Its very easy to imagine the stereotype attached to texas . stetson wearing folk and wild horses and angus cattle.
      But whats ut really like?

  1. My husband does wear a Stetson to protect himself from all the sun. I do have a horse that is wild to everyone else, but she is my baby and never wild to me because I feed her little treats. The cattle are not Angus…they are Charolais. So your stereotype is somewhat correct. But….most of the time the men around here were baseball caps with little sunglasses perched on top. My husband wears blue jeans only when we are stepping out. He wears fishing pants in the heat of the summer because they are cooler in this over 100 degree weather around here. I must admit that I have learned how to bale hay and drive a tractor and a bulldozer, but I avoid it if I can. The people here are highly spirited and they mean it when they say “Don’t mess with Texas!” We are similar to the Scottish in our reactionary manor and any of us do carry guns….to defend ourselves from rattlesnakes, cougars and muggers. I visited England and Scotland a few years back. Every time I opened my mouth, people began to bash Texans (I guess they recognized my accent). We took a 2 week tour of Scotland and the tour company wisely paired us up with the Aussies….we are very similar it seems. It is absolutely gorgeous there with all the greenery and forests. I could hardly believe that there are no snakes there or coyotes. We might even be able to raise a lamb crop if we did not have coyotes! We did stay at my cousin’s house close to London for a week and we thoroughly enjoyed the sights…especially Westminster Abby. I believe we drove past a highway sign that said ‘Nottingham’. You live in a beautiful country!

  2. After I finished the above comment, I realized that I forgot to tell you that the description above is really only for us rural folk. We have plenty of “civilized” people in our biggest cities who are not a bit like us. My sister is one of them!

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