Enigmas of the Unexplained – “Strange and most curious. Places and stories that defy explanations.”

Kristian Lander, is the guest speaker at the NPN Monthly moot meeting.
Enigma: “Strange and most curious. Places and stories that defy explanations.” An informal talk, discussion and presentation.
Picture and video session covering a number of ancient sacred sites. Mohenjo-daro, Derinkuyu and Carnac being some of the highlights.

There will be a brief introduction, accompanied by some video clips and pictures. following each with a discussion.
Carrying over and expanding on some of the information from the talk at the Empryean meeting in January.

Throwing in some local spooky and strange stories, which we have been involved with. with pictures and video from our archive. Some of which have never been shown before. more

Occurring at 7.30 pm £2 on the door.

161-163 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 3FR
Thursday 9 Feb 2012

Presentation details and title screen

“Large sunken islands, tales of the ancient gods, preceltic history and artifacts.
Earth mysteries and ancient mythology, technology of the gods and the revelations of genetics.
Egyptian history and the strong connection between all of them”
Yes, my bad. It’s a long title. Really did try to make it smaller, but nothing seemed to encompass the areas at which we are going to look at and expand upon.

The presentation will be at the monthly Empryean meeting held at the Theosophical Hall, next to the Old Saluation Inn, on Maid Marian way, Nottingham.
January 4th 2012
Doors open at 7.30pm and talk starts at 8pm
On the door is 4pounds adult and 2.50pound the unwaged


Really hope you can attend,

“The unexplained and the paranormal is about more than just ghosthunting”

Paranormal Discussion Evening Tonight

Paranormal Discussion Evening
Location: Ye Olde Salutation Inn
Time: Sunday, 30 January 2011 17:00

It doesn’t matter it is open to all those who have an interest beginner to advanced, whether part of a larger team or an individual this is an opportunity informally and casually to come together socially, make friends, share ideas, thoughts and just have a good time. This time is NOT set in stone you dont have to be on time or anything like that, its an informal moot, come and go when you please – just for guidance

Talk on the Paranormal with Kristian Lander

NPN founder Kristian Lander gives a talk on the paranormal this Friday for the East midlands dowsing society group meeting. Covering a number of topics, including the mysterious
black eyed kids phenomenon, concept of the spirit world is it even a real place? the paranormal economy, and those who claim to be honest psychics

When: friday 8th oct 2010
Location; Bramcote memorial Hall, Bramcote, Nottingham. Time 730-9.
entry Standard EMDG meeting entry of £4