Strange blue spheres fall from the sky in Dorset, we look at some previous reports in the past and look at some explanations.

Steve Hornsby from Bournemouth shows one of the many 3cm diameter balls that began raining down late on Thursday afternoon during a hail storm.
Using ingenuity he kept them in his fridge! Which is brilliant! So we can take a look at this most curious of substances.

There also is an interview with Mr Hornsby embedded into the BBC report.

So the questions are – Is has it happened before? What are they?
As for what they are its unknown at present, no scientist or experts have commented upon the phenomena, however The Met Office issued a statement that the jelly-like substance was “not meteorological”.

As for have they happened before? Actually yes!

ATS member rstregooski points out in “The Complete Works of Charles Fort”, in 1883 a report from South Africa of a case very similar
In 1950, the Philidelphia Enquirer posted a report which the paranormal network has quoted before in our article “Angel Hair Phenomena” in Beyond The Line Issue 2
Which can be viewed online beginning on p12
2 police officers experienced balls of a sticky goo falling from the sky which dissolved on contact with skin!

They look similar to the planting beads which you buy at B&Q, homebase. They hold moisture and keep the plant’s roots hydrated so you don’t have to water them as often.
These silica gel beads are used in aviation as CO2 absorbers. So its possible if these balls were falling from the sky, this could be a logical reason.
This is a video of c02 absorbing “Wet gel balls”.

Would be great to have your input and thoughts?

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Paranormal 101 – the reason based guide to becoming a  paranormal researcher and investigator. We look firstly at the most important aspect – you.

Did you know? The legend of the Utsura bune. A hollow disc shaped ship washes ashore, a beautiful woman inside, a mysterious gold box…

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Sounds from the veil.
(More than) Hauntings – Time warps and missing time.

Did you know – Utsuro Bune.
Astral Projection.
Physical Mediumship.

Paranormal 101. Discussion of the motivation, thrills and understanding of ones self, in becoming a paranormal investigator and researcher.

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The Truth Is Out There

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– “Faces of Time” Wayne Goundry. We look into the mind of  Transfiguration medium Wayne Goundry looking at his Journal and personal thoughts.
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Beyond The Line is a PDF document. Adobe reader or equivalent required.

Note: For this first issue there are a small amount of grammatical errors contained. Please do not let put you off reading this excellent first issue.